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Comments Policy

I’ve had a few questions about comments, so I thought I’d just clear up a thing or two. Firstly it’s my blog and I decide which comments go on and which ones don’t. There’s no argument, no discussion, my decision is final. If you don’t like it stop reading my blog and posting comments that have no hope of being published. Having said that, I may as well be clear about what type of comments go straight into the trash can.

Comments that:

  1. contain bigotry of any nature, whether it’s racism, homophobia, sexism, ageism or any other “ism” I feel inappropriate.
  2. contain personal attacks on my writing style or spelling mistakes; to err is human and all that.
  3. contain references to sex with minors or animals, oh yes, I’ve had them!
  4. contain helpful advice about how I’m a dirty sinner and will go straight to hell unless…

and that just about covers most areas.


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