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Cold Feet!

16 November, 2009

I bought some new plain black leather shoes a few months ago. They are quite simple, nothing fancy, just something to wear for work. They were fairly inexpensive as I bought them in a sale and I put them in the bottom of my wardrobe (closet) and forgot all about them.

This morning, as it’s the first time I’ve dressed smartly for work. I’ve been wearing jeans for the past few weeks due to the construction work going on in my new offices which has now all but been completed.

I decided I’d wear the new shoes this morning as I’ve dressed all in sombre black; black shoes, black socks, black trousers, black and white striped shirt and a black v-neck pullover.

Valentine Dyall would have been proud!

I set off to work this morning in the rain and towards the end of my journey parked up in my usual park and ride spot. As I was walking across the soaked car park towards my tram stop to finish the last leg of my journey to my office, I began to realise that the new shoes must have leather soles as they immediately became very cold and felt very damp and clammy.

Next time I buy a apair of shoes, I’ll ensure I buy a pair with synthetic soles or at least remember to get them rubber soled before wearing them in the cold and wet!


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