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Accident Reduction b*ll*cks…

23 September, 2009

Speed cameras are the scourge of modern day drivers, there’s no doubt that strategically placed speed cameras or accident reduction cameras as they are sometimes euphamistically called, can be very effective in reducing the amount of accidents on certain roads where drivers have a propensity to put their feet down and where accidenta are common. There are many such roads arond where I live.

The police categorically say that they only use these cameras in areas where accidents have happened due to drivers travelling over the speed limit. I have absolutely no problem with this, as they are doing what they can to reduce the amount of speed related accidents.

I do, however, have a problem when the police place these cameras or mobile units, as in the pictures below, in places where there hasn’t been any accidents caused through excessive speed.



There is one such spot near to where I live. The police regularly place a mobile speed camera, sorry, accident reduction camera, at the bottom of a hill hoping to “reduce the amount of accidents” on that particular road. However, where the police have utterly failed in this venture is to check how many accidents have occured on this particular road in that particular spot. Well I happen to know exactly how many accidents there have been in that spot in the last 3 years that have been caused by excesive speed. The total of accidents is, none; zer0; zip!

The government’s guidelines for erecting cameras says that the location must have had at least four fatal and serious collisions in the last three calendar years. However, the Association of British Drivers has revealed this is not the case as many drivers have suspected. The ABD’s detailed report shows that cameras have been placed where there is absolutely no history of accidents. The Sunday Telegraph points at 4 further examples where in this case roads have opened with a camera already in place: the A12 in London, the Batheaston bypass near Bath, the A370 into Weston-super-Mare and the A6 Clapham bypass near Bedford.

So, tell me Mr speed camera operator, how can you reduce accidents any further from none! In this instance, this camera is being used for one reason and one reason only, revenue generation, and that really, really p*sses me off!

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  1. 1 October, 2009 2:26 PM

    Hello, and thanks for visiting my blog earlier!

    Yes, sadly, “law enforcement” is all about making money these days and not about, uh, law enforcement. One thing I will say, however, is that I miss the cops in the UK, as they are so much better than the ones in the US city where I live. Among other things, they charged my boyfriend with assault of a police officer (a fabricated charge, made up to cover a cop’s ass…my boyfriend was found innocent) and three cops (yes, three!) turned up with rifles to shoot my escaped pit bull for the only reason that she was a pit bull (she hadn’t bitten anybody). Just yesterday a cop treated me in the most patronizing, sexist manner and wouldn’t listen to a word I said even though I was the one who had been victimized. Ugh! I wrote about it on my blog actually if you care to come back for a visit.

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by your blog. I’ll be coming back to yours, as you’re a good writer.

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