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The French Connection Myth

16 September, 2009

When I was 14 years old I spent my summer holiday with my Aunt Joan researching our family tree, it’s been many years since I’ve looked into what we found, but the emergence of all these old photographs and bits of paperwork such as birth certificates etc has prompted me to carry on where we left off all those years ago. My Aunt Joan is now sadly no longer with us, having died of cancer in the early 1990s, so now the search is being carried out with mother.

Most of her side of the family has been discovered and certain myths about her background and ancestory have been proven as being true, her great great grandfather, we always suspected, came from Scotland and as the paper trail proved, he was born in Dundee and moved to Yorkshire around 1830. Making my mother a Walker, which is the MacGregor clan.

The new batch of paperwork which my Uncle David has provided has also highlighted a family myth on my father’s side. My grandmother’s maiden name was Louis, which we all presumed was French and have been happy in this assumption for many years, however, the papertrail leads us a little further afield than France.

My father’s great great grandfather, Theodore William Louis wasn’t actually French, but as it transpires, was born in a city called Lasi (or Jassy) in what is now Romania. At the time of his birth in 1821, Lasi was actually the capital city of Moldova. The borders of the country were changed approx 1859. This is Theodore below.

Theodore William Louis

We believe that this was the reason for his emigration to the UK. He settled in Everton in Lancashire, where his son William Theodore Louis was born around 1866.

So, our French connection myth has been destroyed and my ancestry lies further into eastern Europe than we ever anticipated. I’ve had quite a bit of fun reading up on the history of the country as I knew very little about it. I’ve also explored Lasi via Google Earth, which has certainly been very interesting.

The Moldovan Flag

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