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De-cluttering my life.

3 September, 2009

As I’m still technically still off sick from work and there is only so much job hunting a person can do without going comepletely crazy, I’ve had to find other things to do to occupy my time, now that the effects of the flu like illness I’ve had have also dissipated.

My old bedroom at my parents house in Penistone is in dire need of redecorating, I think the last time it saw fresh paint was 8 years ago. So I’ve decided to give the room a complete overhaul. Currently the room is painted with 3 cream walls and one darker, “biscuit” type of colour. The curtains are a dark teal green as is the bedding to match. It’s old and outdated. As I’ve only really spent 3 nights  a week here in Penistone for the past few years it’s not been high on my priorities, which is why it’s been left.

The room is also stuffed full tocapacity with “stuff” bits and pieces I’ve colected and accumulated over the years that I’ve just never gotten around to throwing away. I’m one of those people that doesn’t throw away boxes. So on top of the wardrobe are stacks of empty boxes, like the box my iPhone came in and also the box my camera came in etc. I’ve had them for a while now and I think it’s safe to drop them into the trash!

I also have years of accumulated paperwork and teaching materials that I’ve magpied from various places. Most of the stuff I’ve digitised and will never use the originals again so can also be trashed. To make some more space I’ve also decided to box up my dvd collection, I’ve done a quick count up and there are in excess of 300 dvds sat on bookshelves that could be safely stored up in the attic. Most of my film and tv collection I’ve digitised and have saved onto an external hard drive anyway, so don’t actually need the originals to hand.

It’s a process of decluttering which should create lots more space in the bedroom than I have now.

I just have to be really merciless when deciding on what to throw out and what to keep!

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