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Cure for Cancer?

14 August, 2009

According to this morning’s Daily Mirror (my parents buy it not me!) scientists in America have moved one step closer to finding a cure for cancer. The paper says,

“Cancer could be wiped out after scientists found a drug that destroys deadly stem cells which drive the growth of tumours, it was revealed yesterday.

The so-called “mother cells” have so far proved invincible, resisting both radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

But for the first time researchers have identified a chemical, also referred to as a compound, that targets the cells and selectively kills them. Experiments were carried out on breast cancer before a chemical that worked was found.

Piyush Gupta, of the Broad Institute, Boston, said: “It wasn’t clear it would be possible to find compounds that selectively kill cancer stem cells. We’ve shown it can be done.”

They hope the discovery of the chemical, salinomycin, could mean it is included in a clinical drug in future.

And it could be used as a second line of attack with conventional cancer drugs to stop tumours growing back.

Many solid tumour cancers, including breast, prostate, bowel and lung, are thought to be driven and renewed by stem cell “parents”.”

Then, so that the thick British public can understand, go on to liken the cancer cells to the alien queen from the Alien movies. Do they think we’re all so stupid that we can’t reason through this without ridiculous similies.



“Like the mother in the Alien films, cancer stem cells are elusive and hard to defeat. And just as killing the mother Alien eradicated the threat of her offspring, scientists believe tackling tumour stem cells with salinomycin could destroy a cancer’s source. Injected into mice with breast cancer, the chemical also slowed the growth of the animal’s tumours.”

One final point about this article, considering its potential imapct on the nations health and the amount of interest that this news will generate, they put it on one of the inside pages because of course the news that Katie Price was seen cavorting in a park with her new boyfriend is obviously more important to the Mirror’s readers and needed to be on the front page!

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  1. herbcori permalink
    1 September, 2009 12:54 PM

    We all would certainly love to see some progress in the Cancer arena. I, for one, have lost too many relatives and friends to this disease.
    However, The American Cancer Society predicts that in the year 2050 there will be 27,000,000 new cases of cancer and 17,500,000 deaths. Guess they aren’t planning on getting an answer too soon. Check out herbcori’s blog for my ongoing report on where research is headed.

  2. 14 August, 2009 10:53 AM

    Have always hated the redtops.

    Am a BIG fan of the alien films.

    Hope that this is a breakthrough for cancer research. My friend’s dad died of cancer on Monday (which is why my northern roadtrip has been cancelled).


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