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Tea & Toast

13 August, 2009

Thisbeing the first day of my recuperation, I had a little lie in. Once I’d got out of bed around 8.15am this morning I had a shower, then dressed. As today is Thursday and Thursdays in Penistone means market day, I decided to join my father in a walk around the market.

My father walked around the market like the local squire, saying hello to everyone and stopping to chat to folks more than look around the stalls. I did begin to wonder whether we’d make it back for lunch!

My father is a gregarious chap and will talk to anyone. If I ever had any doubts that my parents were isolated here in Penistone then I need no longer worry. My father knows, it seems, everyone by name! After talking to each person in turn and rejoining me he slipped me a little tit bit of gossip or info about each one “she lost her husband recently” or “he’s got more money than he lets on” and so on.

After having a look around the market, it seemed as though there wasn’t as many stalls as I remember. This being my first visit for almost 5 years. My recollection was of a bustling market crammed to capacity with a myriad of cheap and cheerful products to browse over. This morning seemed empty and each stall didn’t seem to carry much stock. I was quite disappointed. I guess it’s a by product of the credit crunch, that and the fact our market is due to be demolished to make way for a new Tesco supermarket. The market is to be relocated, along with the fire station to a new home not too far away. I guess the markets uncertain future is keeping market traders away for the time being.


On our return home, mother had warmed up the toaster and switched on the kettle. So I sat down quite content with one of my favourite breakfasts. Tea & Toast. Bliss!

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