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Medical Mayhem

9 August, 2009

Ever since our return from Miami in November of last year, “The Beloved” as been ill. It has been one illness after another, some I was convinced were psychosomatic. He complained of stomach cramps leading to bouts of diarrhea, he complained of feeling tired all the time and also that his skin itched as though he had sun burn with no evidence of redness or dryness of skin.


It was a puzzle. One after a few months of constant whinging and moaning, I demanded he solve by going to visit  his doctor. He relented and made an appointment. When the day came the doctor examined him and took a large amount of blood samples for analysis. He claims she took 16 blood samples!

She also referred him to a skin specialist and also to a specialist that deals in stomach problems. So after a few weeks and more tests he finally had his diagnosis. Or should I say multiple diagnoses.


Firstly, he was deficient in iron and vitamin B12. Apparently his body has stopped absorbing iron and had also stopped producing B12. Secondly his stomach had been invaded and over run by friendly pro-biotic bacteria which had been giving him the cramps. Lastly, the doctor diagnosed him with “Metabolic Itch” a condition that resulted in itching as though something was crawling on the skin or sunburn like irritation without the redness.

His treatment for all these skin conditions includes, iron tablets, booster injections for the B12, high intensity light treatment on a supersonic sun bed and also anti depressants for his skin. Yes, his skin is depressed.

And there was me thinking it was all in his head and down to a poor diet.

I’m such a sympathetic person!

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