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My Journey into Tantric Massage

5 August, 2009

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’d booked myself onto a tantric massage course. The course was last evening in Manchester. The session was due to start at 7.30pm but I arrived early, not by design but because the journey through to Manchester took me less time than I anticipated.

As I entered the room I discovered that I’d arrived before anyone else. I introduced myself to our host for the evening, Jason, and seeing he was in a bit of a flap offered to help him set up. He accepted my offer with serious gratitude. So I set myself to work lighting tea lights and getting coffee and tea ready for the arriving guests, obviously I had to make my own, as Jason was busy placing objects onto what I gathered must be our focal point for the evening, a large rainbow coloured sheet strewn with objects representing the creatures of the Earth and a multitude of tea light candles. There also stood at the centre a large statue of a couple engaging in what I was later to find out was called the “Ultimate Union”, I’ll let your imaginations run with that one! Jason began to light incense sticks and waft them around the room.

Soon the other guests arrived and were offered refreshments, we all settled on some low cushions placed around the focal point and were finally joined by Jason after putting on some appropriate music. You can guess the sort.

He introduced himself and then asked us all to share our names and our reasons for wanting to participate in the evening. When it came to my turn I professed that my reason for wanting to attend was mostly out of curiosity. After the sharing, Jason invited us all to participate in some breathing exercises whilst holding hands in a circle. Left hand up, right hand down. He never explained why!

With this he then invited us to participate in 3 Ohms (Oms), loud exhalations making a long OHM sound. If nothing it made me a little more relaxed. Jason then explained the 7 chakras in the body, their locations, colours and what they represent and explained the links between spirituality and sexuality.

There then followed another exercise involving us standing and breathing slowly at first then visualising the colours of the chakras one at a time beginning with the base, with slow rhythmic breaths getting faster as we traversed up the body until finally finishing at the crown with very rapid breathing and visualising the colour violet.

This exercise left me feeling worn out and very hot, I’d built up quite a sweat! The next exercise was really an ice breaker leading into the main activity, the reciprocal giving of massage. For this we needed to be naked. So, the next activity involved us being blindfolded and we then had to undress each other completely. Quite amusing considering the blindfolds made it very difficult.

Once we were naked, this also included Jason! we were split into two groups, one set of people lying on mats who were to receive the first massages. The second set who were to perform them.  I formed part of the latter group!

The massages began with the base and involved the liberal application of warm oils to the genital area of our partner. After this we then moved up to the sacral and then we rotated partners. The massages followed the same theme, moving from base to the next highest point with each rotation of partner ending with base stimulation and crown stimulation at the same time. This activity took the best part of an hour. The process then began again, this time those who were on the receiving end then reciprocated and performed the massages on the rest of us.

Whilst the massage took place we were supposed to concentrate on the colours of the chakra points that were being massaged. This was very difficult to do, especially whilst someone is rubbing massage oil into your genital area.

There were of course the obvious embarrassing swellings, but as this happened to all of us, no one really minded.

As the massages ended, I did feel very relaxed and energised.

In conclusion, my curiosity has been satisfied. I don’t consider myself to be foolish, but then again I’m not too much of a cynic when it comes to matters of spirituality. All that I gained from the evening is an understanding that tantric massage is just a prolonged journey towards an inevitable orgasm. I’m not saying that in just 3 short hours I’ve debunked the whole practice, tantra is a way of life and I’ve only just glimpsed a small part of some of its practices. I did learn a great deal from Jason, but just not enough to want to pursue this avenue any deeper than I have. 

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  1. Nimb permalink
    8 October, 2009 11:49 AM

    Cheers – am very tempted to go, just out of intrigue! 🙂

  2. 22 September, 2009 6:49 PM

    The ages of those that attended the one I went to ranged from early 30s to 50s, but I guess you never know until everyone turns up. It’s pot luck with these types of events!

  3. Nimb permalink
    21 September, 2009 11:26 PM

    Am tempted to go to one of these – what are the ages of the people that go?

  4. 6 August, 2009 2:42 PM

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