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Sunny Side Up

8 June, 2009

Before I set off on my epic journey to Huddersfield this morning to invigilate exams, I stopped off to buy some lunch at Sainsbury’s. Whilst I was browsing the shelves a copy of Paolo Nutini’s new album “Sunny Side Up” happened to fall into my basket.


I really enjoyed his debut album “These Streets” its one of my most played albums on my iPhone, but I have to say on first listening to the new album I’m not getting the vibe. There seems to be a mish mash of styles and themes that don’t quite gel. There are reggaesque beats follwed by soft jazz mixed in with folksey country and harmonicas that just doesn’t seem to work for me. It’s as though he’s experimenting with the genres and styles, but my ears just aren’t  appreciating the work.

But, I’ll give it another go. I’m not one to give up. It may be one of those albums that takes some getting used to and needs to be listened to more than once before the tracks make sense. I want to like it, so I’ll make the effort and play this one again on my way home from work tonight.

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  1. Sunny Side Up

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