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Frenzied Weekends

16 March, 2009

This weekend was a flurry of frenzied activity. “The Beloved”‘s house is nearing its decorating completion and on waking on Saturday morning we were dashing about trying to squeeze every smallest job in that we could:touching up paintwork, hanging new curtains, cleaning, folding away dust sheets, fitting new lights etc.

At around lunchtime we went out to pick up more bits and bobs and to buy some groceries. Returned home at 3.30pm just in time for me to get a quick shower, change and to hop back into the car and drove back to “the loved ones” in Penistone.

After my arrival in Penistone, “loved ones” safely ensconsed in the back of my car, off on an epic drive to Hull for a family party. My uncle’s (mothers brother and last surviving sibling) 50th wedding anniversary party to be exact.

Arrived in Hull at the Portland Hotel at 5.45pm.

Older brother and eldest sister already there waiting in the bar. Checked “the loved ones” into room and down to bar to meet rest of family.

All the other relations began arriving from around 7.30pm, including final sister of mine. By 8pm everyone was secreted into ball room, lights turned off awaiting arrival of guests of honour.

At 8.30pm doors open, lights go on, screams of surprise! Lots of tears and laughter, drinks began flowing, food arrived and an hour later I left and drove back to Penistone to look after dog! “The loved ones” returning with other brother the next day!

I arrive back in Penistone at approx 11pm and after letting doggie out for wee, went straight to bed. Woke at 8am with doggie telling me it’s time to get up, let him out for another wee, then made breaqkfast. All the while I’m padding barefoot around the house in my underwear! Oh the freedom!!

At 10.30am got showered and dressed. At 11.15am “the loved ones” and brother arrived back from Hull. I jumped back into car and drove back to “the beloved’s” in Leeds.

Arrived at 12.15pm, to which we went straight out for lunch. The rest of the weekend was spent putting finishing touches to the rooms. I went to bed last night more exhausted than I’ve felt for a while. Woke up this morning with a headache!

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  1. 15 April, 2009 9:44 PM

    PS There is now an official ‘twitter widget’ which you might like to try.

  2. 15 April, 2009 9:44 PM

    A month since you blogged. All OK?

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