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Literal Decorating Blues

9 March, 2009

brushesThe weekend just gone was spent continuing the epic decorating battle. Now that the lounge and dining room have been completed, the next to suffer the assaults of the paint brushes was the kitchen and utility room.

Saturday morning was spent watching the “the beloved” scrape, sand and fill. I cooked lunch. The afternoon was spent watching him put a first coat of white paint onto the ceiling and coving. After that we went out for provisions, more paint and accessories; masking tape, new chrome light switches etc.

On our return the first coat of Dulux Chinese Jade was applied over the tired looking Lilac in the kitchen and utility room.

I was sent upstairs to start scraping, sanding  and filling the front bedroom, which is where I go when I’m banished for snoring…see previous post (Drags Queens and Broken Noses).

My job after that was to clean and wash all the paint brushes, rollers and paint trays used in the kitchen. I obviously did this as best I could removing every last trace of paint.

Saturday night was spent resting and watching a little TV. 

Sunday morning arrived and the front bedroom was the focus for the day. The two colours chosen for this room were Dulux Quartz Flint (no2) and Dulux Blue Reflection as the feature wall. We started by painting the ceilings with brilliant white. Once we’d completed that we started the cutting in for the Quartz Flint (no2) using 2inch paint brushes. For once I was allowed to weild a brush on my own without supervision. I cut in around the windows while “the beloved” followed behind with the roller. It took us approx 1 hour to complete the 3 walls of Quartz Flint (no2).

We then washed, changed and went out for lunch and to make more purchases for the front bedroom, changes for light fittings, lamp shades and new lamps and accessories. 

On our return we began the second coat of Quartz Flint (no2). Once again I was allowed to help by applying the paint to the walls, with a roller this time. I must’ve proved I was capable as he left me alone to do it while he applied the 2nd coat of Chines Jade to the kitchen and utility room.

wedgwood-plateAfter completing the application of the Quartz Flint (no2) and as the sun was beginning to set, I noticed that the paint had peculiar properties. In the light of day it was a light pail blue, almost a pale Wedgwood blue colour. As the sun began to fade, the colour changed to a light grey, almost like mood paint!

Once the walls were dry enough and the rollers and brushes washed, we started on the Blue Reflection, this colour is deeper, darker and more Teal than blue, but it matched the Quartz Flint (no2) to perfection. I’m looking forward to seeing this room completed.

After the Blue Reflection was applied, the room took on a particular mood, quite nice and restful. I noticed that I’d also managed to get quite a considerable amount of paint speckles on my self. I looked as though I had blue measles!

The application of white gloss paint to the window and door frames, along with the sills and skirting boards will all be done together at the same time as the kitchen and utility room.

Photos to come later, I want to show you the before and after shots!

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