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Behold! The Devil incarnate.

9 March, 2009

chocolateWhilst doing the decorating and stuff this weekend, I decided I was going to weigh myself.

I’ve been having a few lower back pains and in the past this has been a sign that I’m carrying too much weight. I’ve known for a while that I’m too heavy, but it was an acceptable amount of excess baggage!

Now, it’s getting worse. When I weighed myself I discovered that I’m a 1/4 stone over what my normal average weight is, which is around 13 1/2 stone.

This means that I’m now officially the fattest I’ve ever been and I don’t like it.

I’m not blaming anyone for it, I know I’m the only one I can point a finger at, in fact I do, every time I look in a mirror. This morning, as I was performing my normal ablutions I looked at myself and the spare tyre I’m carrying and I literally pointed my finger at my reflection and cried “j’accuse!”

I’m therefore, now on a low fat diet. I’ve replaced my mid morning snacks with fruit. Chocolate is banned. On my way to class this morning I popped into my local supermarket and bought a bunch of bananas and a pack of 16 sea food sticks. They’re very low in fat. I will nibble on these instead of the fruit and cereal bars that I normally have mid morning.

The bananas will serve as a replacement for the sweet I normally eat after my lunch. I must, however, resist the temptation of eating more than one.

According to internet sources, an average male’s calorie intake is approx 2500 a day. I’m sure that I eat much less than this anyway. But according to an internet diet calculator, to lose the weight of approximately 2 pounds per week I have to restrict my calorie intake to 1,242, carbohydrates to 170.8gm per day, protein to 46.58gm per day and fat to 41.40gm per day.

Not sure how I’m going to do this, but will give it a go. I’m not used to counting everything I eat, but half the battle is breaking habits!

The biggest battle I have to fight is the one against the brown Devil pictured above! I have a very sweet tooth.

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  1. 9 March, 2009 5:19 PM

    I have a few tips. Try and exercise as much as you can. As someone else who once waited to shift a reasonable amount of weight – I found it critical. Jog, cycle, walk, swim. Just ensure you do something. Losing weight through dieting alone, is soul-destroying in my opinion. It has to become a lifestyle change. You CAN pretty much eat what you want if you exercise enough.#

    Cut out carbs in the evening as much as poss. Don’t starve yourself, but the lion’s share of your daily food either at breakfast or lunch. Try and go very easy at dinner.

    Drink a LOT of water, especially each time you’re hungry. I find this can help. Do not starve yourself though. Allow yourself to snack – fruits, veg, ryvita, etc.

    Have days off. It’s OK to splurge now and again. Everything in moderation is fine. So with me, I tend to (try to) eat healthily Mon-Thur, then on Fri-Sun I go easier on myself. I’m currently doing pilates once a week and gym about two times a week, so can pretty much eat what I want within reason. I’ve stopped obsessing about the scales, too, which I have a bad habit of sometimes doing.

    Initially, track your weight and treat yourself when you reach milestones. Doesn’t have to be treating yourself to food, but to something else you might like.

    Good luck and keep us posted!

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