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Back to black!

3 March, 2009

I’m not happy with my blog’s look or layout. I’m very fickle when it comes to design. The templates here on WordPress are very limited. It would be great to take aspects of one and apply them to another. I’d love a black template, with a customised header of a size of my choosing, a sidebar at either side and a wide enough space for posts in the middle, I’d also love to be able to customise the text colours to suit my theme, but hey ho, I’ll have to make do. Unless anyone knows how I can do all this on a template like Black Letterhead!

I’ve even considered going back to Blogger, but with Blogger you can’t have additional pages nor can you password protect a post. WordPress does also have its drawbacks for instance with wordpress, you can’t upload your own videos and css customisation isn’t free as it is on Blogger.

I wish a 3rd platform that combined all the best attributes of both systems could be created, for free!

I guess I’m back to the old self hosting option again!

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  1. 4 March, 2009 2:41 AM

    Whilst I’m a big fan of style, remember that lots of people read blogs in their feedreader and only get the look when they want to comment. Like Milo says, substance over style!

    Mike Says:-Consider me told off! 🙂

  2. 3 March, 2009 9:06 PM

    Your blog looks good to me.

    Don’t take this the wrong way… but I’m a firm believer in substance over style. I come here for the content, not the look. Can’t speak for others, though.

    I don’t look at it like a myspace, I look at it as a journal/home.

    Would hate to see you move to blogger as I HATE the fact you have to type the code in each time to prove you’re not a spam comment. HATE that. At least doesn’t have that.

    I think there is just enough customisability with this. Also, I’m sure I read that there was a new theme that DOES allow you to custom colour.

    Mike says:- You’ll be glad to know that I’m staying put on WordPress, the theme that you mention is Vigilance, but it’s not that good. I’ve tried it! So, I’m sticking with the new theme, for how long I don’t know, I get bored of the look so quickly! I had to laugh earlier though, because this is the first theme I had when I first moved from Blogger 3 years ago! Talk about full circle!

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