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Bad Hair Day

28 February, 2009

While “the beloved” was busy with the paint brush and roller this morning, I decided to make myself scarce and go out to get my haircut in Headingley. Yes, the place they play cricket from on the telly! I didn’t get my hair cut at the cricket ground! That would be silly; no I went to a barbers in Headingley; its a suburb of Leeds. Just for those that didn’t already know.

Anyway, digression aside, I had to wait 25 minutes for a haircut, and then when finally it was my time, I asked for a short back and sides, nothing from the front or top, I’m growing it.

So, out came the blades, grade 1 for the back and sides and up over the top she went. After pointing out I asked her not to touch the top, she stood with her hand over her mouth in horror as she realised what she’d done. I think the words “useless bint” almost escaped my lips, but I held fast!

Impressed, I was not. Anyway, she’s tidied it up as best she could and although I’ve lost all the length that I’ve been growing for the past few months, I’m back to how short it was in November when we went to Miami.

I won’t be going back there again, instead I’ll wait until I’m back with “the loved ones” at least I know I’ll get a good cut and it’ll be much less expensive.

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  1. 1 March, 2009 9:04 AM

    With the title being about hair and the first line being “While “the beloved” was busy with the paint brush and roller” and me not being awake – I thought your BF’s hair (presumably in connection with brush and rollers, like Hilda Ogden!) was going to be the story, lol!

    Mike Says:- It would have made for funnier reading!

  2. 28 February, 2009 10:43 PM

    I hope that she did not actually expect you to pay for the hair cut Mike, or that you were willing to do so either after that stuff up!
    Thanks for giving me another incentive not to cut my hair!

    Mike Says:- They said that I didn’t have to pay for the haircut, but I did anyway out of principle, although there was no tip as you can imagine. Now that I’ve had chance to reflect on it, it’s not that bad, too short yes, but managable with gel and stuff!

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