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Jade’s No2

24 February, 2009

jadeNow Magazine [online] revealed today that former Big Brother star Jade Goody went to toilet for the first time since bowel surgery following a session with a healer.



‘He placed his hands all over me – it was relaxing,’ she explains. ‘As soon as he left, I went to the toilet for a number two. ‘It was the first time I’d been since my operation. ‘I’ll definitely see the healer again. I really believe his treatment helped me.’

I know the public is hungry for news on the unfortunate star but has it really come to this when magazines are reporting on celebrity bowel movements? The Big Brother star had an emergency op to remove a golf ball-sized tumour earlier this month. Doctors have predicted that she only has a few weeks to live after being diagnosed with cancer late last year.

Jade Goody came to fame as a contestant in the UKs Big Brother 3 and in her first week showed she had a tenuous grasp of general knowledge by claiming that she thought Rio de Janeiro was a footballer, that Sherlock Holmes invented the toilet and that Pistachio was the genius behind the Mona Lisa.

Curiously, she left the Big Brother house not in the direction of obscurity but to become a multi-millionaire with a mansion in Essex, two children, a best-selling perfume and a profile to rival Victoria Beckham’s.

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