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Burn After Reading

22 February, 2009

image1948011940.jpgWe watched Burn After Reading last night, it wasn’t the comedy that it had been billed as. The trailers for this film looked really good and it seemed as though we were in for a laugh out loud comedy. Instead we got something completely unexpected. 

The acting from Brad Pitt as the dorky Chad was very funny, and George Clooney’s philandering Harry was a comic delight, especially with the dildo chair.

However, all in all, and despite the stellar cast including Tilda Swinton and John Malcovich the film left us sad and disappointed. The comedy, when it happened was funny, there’s no doubt about that. I laughed out loud when Harry pulled off the sheet covering the chair. I thought that Brad was fantastic and very believable as fitness instructor Chad, very simple and naive, but ultimately very likable.

It was a complete shock to the system the way the story unfolded and I was left feeling saddened and quite disappointed. My expectations were not met and I felt cheated, not only as a viewer, but I wanted the real bad guys to get their come uppance, but it never really happened. I wanted someone to step in and stop the events from going down the path of ultimate destruction if followed so relentlessly. If not one of the characters, then the directors themselves. Did it have to end this way? It could have been so much more.

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  1. Anna permalink
    10 April, 2009 8:34 AM

    You are so right, the movie was a real let down. No laugh out loud comedy here. Although there was a stella cast this didn’t make it a fantastic movie, bugger. A waste of both time and money in my books!.

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