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Daniel does the Devil!

28 January, 2009

Daniel Craig’s new movie, I, Lucifer, which is still in production in the UK is based on a 2003 novel by Glen Duncan. The synopsis of the story is that God is giving Satan a last shot at redemption: Satan must live out a blameless life as a human. Slick negotiator that he is, Lucifer negotiates a ‘try before you buy’ period. One month; London.

Of course He has no intention of taking God up on His offer. Lucifer simply wants to put a body through as much drugs, sex, and other vices as possible. But inhabiting a human body gives rise to feelings the Ol’ Devil never thought possible.

It sounds interesting to say the least, and I may just have to read the novel before the film gets its release. Mr Craig is playing Lucifer and the film will also star Ewan McGregor.


It’s been a busy time for Mr Craig, there’s been Flashbacks of a fool, The Quantum of Solace, then Defiance in 2008. Not bad going. I wonder if 2009 will be as prolific. I hope so, I’ve enjoyed everything he’s been in recently, apart from the Golden Compass. I though it was very badly put together, but that’s not his fault.

I really enjoyed Flashbacks of a Fool not just for the obligatory shot of Daniel naked! But it had a excellent story and it held me until the very end and of course it also had the very lovely James D’Arcy in it too! What more could I want!


Flashbacks of a Fool is already out on DVD, Quantum of Solace is out on 23rd March and as yet no date has been given for the release date for Defiance. My orders are already in!

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