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Suddenly Monday

19 January, 2009

Yesterday’s day out with “the loved ones” went really well, they seemed to enjoy themselves and they were deposited back home at around 4.30pm all content and happy with full tummies and shopping bags.

Sunday night was spent watching a little TV and starting a new essay for Uni on learning theory. I started to take notes but couldn’t get my head in gear so gave up at 8.30pm.

The rest of the night after having a long soak in the bath was spent watching a little more TV. Nothing exciting, in fact I can’t even remember what I watched.

Had a really fitfull night’s sleep, tossing and turning. Was woken up at around 1am with “the beloved” being sick in the en-suite! He’d eaten some grapes that had obviously been past their best!

I had nightmares for the rest of the night. I’m not normally prone to them, but I’d obviously eaten something that didn’t agree with me too, for in the dead of night I had a visit by a giant spider that decided to climb onto the bed and sit on top of me. I had to pull the covers up over my head and hide to avoid being discovered and eaten.


I woke at 7am feeling decidedly out of sorts. My first appointment this morning was in Halifax, so had to slog through rush hour traffic to get there for 10am for my meeting. I managed it just in time. Left at 11am and flew down back roads to Huddersfield to my next teaching appointment.

The room is still cold as the air-con is still stuck on the arctic setting. I’ve been stood up in my suit jacket all day and I’m now starting to feel tired.

Early to bed tonight, I’m back in Halifax tomorrow, but at least I don’t have to be there until 11am, so I can catch up on some sleep, provided the giant spider doesn’t come back!

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  1. 19 January, 2009 3:13 PM

    As soon as I saw your bit about the spider I thought of this which I’d read online a few days ago:

    Frightening, especially for UK where we aren’t meant to get these kinds of things!!

    Mike Says:-Thanks for that, I hate spiders at the best of times, but now..a black the UK. I’m buying a pair of BIG slippers for defence!!

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