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13 January, 2009

coffee__chocolate__menLast night I finally managed to get my uni work completed, problems with their website notwithstanding. Tonight is the first night back after the Christmas and new year break and I’m really going to have to knuckle down and concentrate on what I need to do to complete the first year.

I’m a little ahead of everyone else as I’ve already completed about 60% of the course previously through doing an equivalent qualification which they’ve allowed me to use as evidence, its called APL, or accreditation of prior learning.

It means that I can concentrate on covering off the additional bits that weren’t covered.

Today is going to be a long day. I’ve a full day of teaching again as yesterday, for some reason my classroom is freezing cold, I think the air con unit is stuck on the arctic setting! It’s cold outside and there’s a damp mist which is hanging over everything and it’s making me feel quite depressed.

 I have a full day planned with new students I haven’t met before and I need to complete diagnostic assessments on each one, which is quite exhausting and after I finish here at 4.30pm, I’m going straight to uni for the PCET course there and I don’t anticipate getting home until at least 10pm tonight.

I’m also very hungry, I was late getting down to the canteen and all they had left in the sandwich department were a soggy cheese and tomato, a salad and a chicken fajita khobez wrap. I obviously plumped for the wrap only to find that it’s infested with peppers.

I despise peppers! They overpower and taint everything they come into contact with.

I’ve had to fall back on coffee and chocolate bars. 

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