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UFO crash into Wind Turbine Mystery

6 January, 2009

ufo010509Apparently, there have been UFOs buzzing over the UK for past month or so, and now, reportedly, they may have hit something.

On Sunday morning, the Louth Leader claim, Stephen and Dorothy Willows were woken up at 4am by a very load “bang” coming from the nearby Conisholme wind farm.

Earlier that night, Dorothy, and two friends were driving home when they noticed several “strange” lights flying in the direction of the Conisholme facility.

Mrs. Willows believes the two incidents may somehow be connected, “I don’t believe in UFO’s but it was a low flying object. This light seemed to be in the distance, and then it seemed to skim across the sky towards the turbines.

“It might not be connected, but it is just how your mind works when something like this happens – you think, could that have been the noise Stephen heard, or was that to do the light I saw? But until we know what has happened for definite it is very hard to say”.

When the couple, and several area residents, went to see what had happened, they found that one of the massive turbines had been damaged. One of the massive blades was missing and another was bent out of shape. Oddly enough, the missing blade was no where to be found.

“When we got there, there was nothing to be seen – not even the propeller on the ground” added Dorothy.

“Those blades are pretty sturdy – we saw them when they were being constructed – whatever has hit them has made quite an impact. I was shocked to see that there was no debris left”.

Was the turbine at Conisholme hit by a UFO? Evidence seems to point to it.

If the turbine had been hit by a plane, it certainly would have crashed. Also the blade that was knocked off, probably would have fallen straight to the ground.

Apparently whatever hit the structure took the blade with it.

If it had been a plane, then there certainly would be evidence. A plane just can’t fly around with a giant propeller attached to it.

There seems to be no natural explanation for the damage. Lightning would have left some evidence.


Is there a UFO flying around somewhere with a souvenir attached?

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  1. Sean hodder permalink
    17 August, 2009 7:50 PM

    hi mike,
    More ufo stuff mate.It seems not a month goes by when a new ufo incredible comes bolting at us,to divert our attentiion from the real worries of the country and world. The latest release of files x files from the mod suggests that the government is showing the public they are being transparent about the mysterious subject,much like the transparent aliens themselves. transparent yet mysterious,because i,m sure the goverment have a hidden load of facts and sightings that they havent let into the public domain.I,m sure before you and i are very old there will surface fasinating indisputable evidence of e t,s I have sen a ufo myself which was a white bright orb travelng at trific speed,it,s omnly when you,ve seeen one of these aliens ufo,s that you can believe..sean Torquay

  2. limey permalink
    17 February, 2009 9:24 AM

    Mike Says:- Thank You for this!

  3. paul cooper permalink
    3 February, 2009 2:23 PM

    Hi.Has there been any news on what happened yet?I’ve tried to find ut but keep coming up against a brick wall.

    Mike Says:- No, nothing to report, but the silence is kind of telling isn’t it!

  4. Marco permalink
    28 January, 2009 5:31 PM

    Why does the investigation result take so long?
    That is already a mark on the wall….
    28 january 2009

  5. Michael permalink
    21 January, 2009 4:39 AM

    It seems the mind of a thirteen year old girl has trumped much older opinions of scientifically clogged minds steeped in constipated rationalism. You cannot judge possiblities of the vast universe with the limited dogmas of human undrstanding. What wonders will unfold that human eyes cannot see? What wisdoms are known that humans cannot embrace?

  6. maria permalink
    20 January, 2009 10:08 PM

    hey, now i am just 13 but i think that all humans are to closed minded and things like this have happened through out history and the government write it off as ‘just another unexplainable thing’.
    there things out there that no one will understand with commonsense or logic or science. i may only be a id but there is truth in my theories, maybe the young are more in-tune with the supernatural. i know the government have secret societies and i know how they can make people disappear. if you wont take my word then look it up plenty of ‘adults’ have talked about how men came and told them to keep quiet. (NO I AM NOT A FAN OF THE MEN IN BLACK. BUT I DO LIKE WILL SMILTH).

  7. 20 January, 2009 10:31 AM


  8. Stevo permalink
    19 January, 2009 11:44 PM

    UFO my ar$e, I live nearby and me and da lads was spraying some graffiti on the local church when we heard it snap off. We sold the blade to the local scrapy and with da profits we bought some class A’s. We saw a few UFO’s shortly after, sweet.

  9. Owain permalink
    15 January, 2009 6:43 PM

    The blades are about 60tons so if your suggesting someone hid the evidence they would need something pretty strong and wouldnt there be a mark in the ground where the blade landed ? just a thought

  10. Graeme permalink
    13 January, 2009 1:51 PM

    From the British National Space Centre’s page on Meteors:
    “About 10,000 football-sized meteorites hit the Earth each year…”

    Would also explain the light streaking across the sky.

  11. Graeme permalink
    13 January, 2009 1:47 PM

    So… absolutely nothing natural could have done this? Not even, say, a meteorite?
    Well, I suppose a meteor is a UFO (until it’s known to be a meteor) Anyway, I think it’s all rubbish. I say it was Nessie, attracted by the low-frequency hum of the rotors. Poor Nessie.

  12. limey permalink
    11 January, 2009 3:16 PM

    Errr, Mike. There is no missing blade, it was recovered from underneath the tower.

    The visible bent blade was probably was hit by something, the aforementioned severed blade, as it failed and headed for the ground.

    The existance of ETs is not required to explain this incident.

    Mike says:-Come on, play catch up! See previous comments!!

  13. Michael permalink
    11 January, 2009 12:02 PM

    To those who seek the truth of ETs and human history, order: “Tales from the Dreamtime”, by V. Lake – Amazon, B&N, Borders, ET AL

  14. Michael permalink
    11 January, 2009 11:52 AM

    Many people claim they cannot accept the possibility of ETs coming to earth because of the vast distances that had to be traveled to even get to earth. this is assuming they came from another planet but what if they came from some far distant past or future. We are now in another dark age of this planet’s 5.6 billion year history during which far more profound things were known. The same could apply to some future civilization coming to their distant past to explore our primative world. Think deeply on this before your fears cause you to deny the possibilities!

  15. Mike permalink
    11 January, 2009 11:25 AM

    It is very possible something very unusual hit the rotating blades at a relatively slow speed. Judging from the bent blade, the trajectory hit the counter cloclwise rotating blades edge on. The missing blade seems to have been wedged or somehow absorbed by the passing trajectory. The fact the missing blade did not hit the ground indicates high strangeness some people cannot accept. People have been dumbed down to believe we are the only intelligent life form in the universe. This arrogant and stupid assumption flies in the face of an ever encroaching reality – we are not alone!

  16. Daniel permalink
    10 January, 2009 1:34 PM

    And of course the quote that appeared in the Louth Leader: “When we got there, there was nothing to be seen – not even the propeller on the ground” also gave the impression that the turbine blade had dissapeared.

    It would be helpful to know the exact time that Dorothy Willows visited the site and the exact time the blade was recovered.

  17. Daniel permalink
    10 January, 2009 11:26 AM

    The original controversy arising from this story was due mainly to the directly misleading editorial of the Sun which intimated that the blade had totally dissapeared but what they really meant was that it was missing (but only) from the top of the wind turbine as it was later found on the ground at the base of the tower.

    In response to bavski:

    “You are assuming that because the craft is unidentified that it is from another planet/dimension, and also that if an alien had managed to pilot a ship to earth, he/she/whatever would be skilled at piloting his vehicle in conditions which, to them, would be ‘alien’.”

    I didn’t and don’t generally assume anything; I am well aware what UFO stands for and that the vast majority of UFO sightings are debunked. I was merely trying to reflect the opinions of the people on the ground and the news media who were giving the impression it might have been a UFO with origins outside our planet. Our planet might be alien to aliens but I still think they would be intelligent enough to avoid crashing into a wind turbine.

    As for some of the other views on here …

    A representative of the turbine manufacturer stated:

    “It was not a flying object, ice or extreme wind gusts … There is no general defect or manufacturer’s problem. All the rest is speculation.” Henri Joppien – Enercon

    I have since heard that there were no burn marks on the blade so they are ruling out any impact that would generate a lot of heat.

    The Telegraph gave a rather contradictory account concerning an MOD unmanned aircraft:

    “A British Aerospace spokesman said development of Taranis, the unmanned demonstrator aircraft, was progressing at pace, but it had just started final assembly of the first prototype and was some way off making its maiden flight.”

    but then in the same article they go on to say:

    “The black delta-wing craft, called Taranis, is understood to have been making test runs on the coastal bombing ranges at Donna Nook and North Coates, which are right next to the site of the wrecked wind turbine.”

    They both can’t be correct!

    Sounds like the results of the eventual findings might go something along the lines of “There was a rare flaw in the composition of the material which over time resulted in the blade being sheared off from its moorings … blah de blah”

    Still doesn’t explain all this talk of strange lights and objects moving in the sky. Even though there was a firework display 2 miles away you’d think grown ups could tell the difference between fireworks and unusual air borne craft.

    To Mike the initial part of my original comment was aimed at “Narrow minded people who can’t spell”. And no I wasn’t referring to you.

    Mike Says:- Oh good, you had me re-proof reading my posts just in case. 🙂

  18. JJewell permalink
    10 January, 2009 7:54 AM

    It amazes me that millions of folks believe in a magical god who lives in the clouds and watches over each and everyone guiding every aspect of our lives, yet these same people can’t seem to get their mind around the fact that there just might be intelligent life outside our little blue ball.
    I am a realist and believe most likely the damage to the wind turbine was caused by stress damage, particularly since no one managed to get clear photos of the UFO. However for me, UFO’s are far more real than silly imaginary gods with magical powers. I guess I was just born a century too early. Enlightenment will surely come in the not to distant future when science finally dispells reglious myths and legends.

    Mike Says:- hindsight is a wonderful thing!

  19. Simon permalink
    10 January, 2009 4:03 AM

    This is very interesting, makes you think of a lot of things.

    Everyone has different beliefs and untill something is proven this will be an argument for many years to come.

    I know that there are answers to everything, it’s just takes the write person to be able to explain them in amatter of what everyone can understand.

    I can not wait to hear the next artical about this insident.

    Also, I’m a rubbish speller so I hope that everyone knows what this comment says *lol*

    Mike Says:-You’re forgiven!

  20. essexcountywind permalink
    9 January, 2009 7:18 PM

    Even the aliens hate those ugly things!

  21. Andrew permalink
    9 January, 2009 5:59 PM

    Hello again folks,

    Sorry to spoil the fun Mike 😦 hehe, it wasn’t my intention to. I realise your post was just an initial summary and i admit my initial intrigue on the subject in the first place was the “UFO” connection in the headline…and without that this wonderful debate would never had taken place… although I think i would have being as equally interested to read a headline like “Flying Ice cow destroys turbine!” hahaha 🙂
    fair comment to anyone who speculated on the super fantastic tho, as initial reports play on this point.

    I know better than to take such stories too seriously which is why I couldnt wait to have a sift through hte old tinternet for info but I agree it is entertaining regardless.
    Ive just encountered too many small minded people in my time that take such stories out of context and use them to dispel other interesting facts that lead to even more intriguing intergalactic mysteries.
    I just wanted to offer another perspective people wound not be so quick to mock.

    BTW right on angelina thanks for sharing, we’re not the only ones im sure. I’m just sad we’ll probable never know one way or another for certain in our life time or ever since the daunting possibility of ET craft or government spy technology flying around our sky’s will never be admitted officially as it would scare most people half to death.

    Danny R lets see your footage on Utube man.. no doubt it will trigger quite a stir but dont be afraid of the small minded comments it will generate. just share the link here and allow people to draw their own conclusions with open mind.
    It may not be alien after all but sounds like an interesting phenomenon to view all the same.

    Thanks to Mike & everyone

  22. ken meaux permalink
    9 January, 2009 3:37 PM

    ***Comment censored***

    Mike Says:- If you can’t play nice, then you don’t play at all!

  23. limey permalink
    9 January, 2009 11:22 AM


    Congrats on the huge increase of trafic 🙂

    I didn’t find it clear which side of the ‘ufo / not a ufo’ fence you are sitting. Now that you have done cleared that up for me I shall keep coming back to have a giggle 🙂

    Mike Says:- Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in UFOs or at least extraterrestrial life, I just think they’d have better things to do than fly around the north of England on a joy ride trying to dodge wind turbines in the wee small hours of the morning.

  24. danny r permalink
    9 January, 2009 9:43 AM

    i was with a friend a few weeks ago when i notices a bright red light in the sky being chased by an orange one.i took a video on my camera phone.I didnt think anything of it but now the whole turbine thing has occured im stuck on who to show the video to or where to send it

    Mike Says:-Upload it on YouTube!

  25. limey permalink
    9 January, 2009 9:28 AM


    The severed blade was found underneath the damanged turbine.

    See this quote:

    “The 72ft severed blade was found on the ground beneath the turbine, she said, adding that the company could not speculate on the cause of the damage.”

    Taken from the following item:

    Where do you get your information that the blade has dissapeared?

    I highly doubt there was an impact, stress seems far more likely.

    Lights in the sky? Well apparently there was a private fireworks display in the area on the night in question.

    Mike Says:- All my info was garnered from the original story from the Louth Leader. The whole post was supposed to be tongue in cheek and not taken too seriously. I’m sure you’ll see that when you read my quips at the end of some peoples comments like this one! It seems that UFOs are an emotive subject and one that generates quite a bit of traffic! My blog hits have doubled per day since the original post!

  26. travelrat permalink
    9 January, 2009 7:11 AM

    Whatever hit it was unidentified, was, presumably flying and was an object, therefore an ‘Unidentified Flying Object’

    It’s irresponsible, I think, to postulate an extra-terrestrial origin to it at this stage … although maybe it might be considered when more exhaustive tests have been carried out.

  27. pennedown permalink
    9 January, 2009 7:00 AM

    I think aliens do exist. I don’t know about this turbine incident but I think it would be quite interesting to actually find something like this. I’m not sure if it’s true but I have read on the internet and heard from friends that there is a secret area in the US called Area 51. I’m sure you may have heard of it.

    The buzz is, they have found aliens and space ships and conduct experiments on them there. That place is totally inaccessible to the common man or even the not so common man.

    The belief is also that the Americans did not land on the moon, it was just a farce that has been shot in this ‘Area 51’, the surface of which resembles the moon. If you will watch the video, you will find many proofs of the fact that, that indeed was not the moon.

    As far as the aliens are concerned, I’m hoping they’re out there somewhere. I think it just makes life a little more exciting. There is a book you might like to read called The Bermuda Triangle which talks of evidence of Alien existence and different dimensions and other stuff like that. I think it makes for an interesting read. You should try it.

  28. hispeedharry permalink
    9 January, 2009 6:56 AM

    Here’s a related… Asteroid crashes into office building conference room!

    Mike says:- Tee, Hee 🙂

  29. angelina permalink
    9 January, 2009 2:13 AM

    Just for the record, I too saw that oversized white orb you described back in the early nineties too. At first I thought it was a star, as I have heard that stars burn brighter and seem larger as they are about to fall from the sky. What you described is exactly what I saw, it moved slowly at first, so slowly that one might have thought it was a trick of the eye, I too also watched it for a good half an hour moving slowly but then it suddenly danced around back and forth and shot off at speed. I live in a rural part of Wales surrounded by mountains and I saw this object directly above one of the mountains, so there was no way that it could be explained away by city lights or fireworks etc. What an experience that was, as you said, I too wish I had a camera phone back then.

  30. Andrew permalink
    8 January, 2009 10:30 PM


    I too saw the Sun headline and was intrigued but lets ot get ahead of our selves, lets use google and other media to our advantage to sift for intelligible facts before jumping in to a extra terrestrial debate.

    aside from a so called qualified opinion
    (see story BBC news website video)
    … about the damage being caused by an object the size of a cow (flyer cows? haha)

    the only other thing I can say is a possible plausible explanation is the suggestion that it was hit by a piece of flying ice that had accumulated on another turbine blade, dislodged, and fly into its neighbor. The ice on a 65ft blade I imagine could have being of the required size (cow sized) to create this kind of damage. The ice then disappeared leaving no trace and a wave of speculation in its wake.
    The missing blade, not so missing, it was found on the ground but people will go believing will what the read in the tabloid comics and go spinning their tongues causing a mist of confusion.

    I don’t think an alien hit the turbine. I don’t dismiss the light as “UFO” alien or otherwise. That said however I have read one confession from those resident that a birthday party with firework was taking place at the same time but without a better detail of how the reported objects were flying thou the air (I.E displaying odd physics)its hard to accurately analysis a probable identification.

    If anyone read any other interesting developments which draw on real conclusions I would love this debate to continue, but please dont let this turn into an uneducated slag off of facts and speculations.

    I believe in UFO, I believe they are everything each individual has suggested from weather phenomena, spy devices, light illusion and powerful hallucinogenic drugs etc.. because I know all these things exist. and to anyone who asks ” are they Alien?” I say maybe I hope I get to learn if so in my life time, I believe the first atom that eventually created us and our solar system after millions of years created millions of other variations in what ever forms too… life, matter, what ever.. Energy is what was born that day and it has never stopped creating itself since, if you are to believe the scientific knowledge and interpretations the human race has about our universe, space, physics and biology its very plausible we not the only mutant debris from the bigbang 😉

    I have seen 1 “UFO” in my life time, when I was younger back in the early 90’s, outside at night, walking home with 5 friends. (stone cold sober for the record) I saw a distant white orb that looked like the moon. but wasn’t (as i could see the real moon behind me).
    This object was initially still when first noticed, this over sized “orb”, thinking at first it was a rare view of a planet or star or other solar activity (it could have being we effectively live inside a big open top bowl so…) anyway after a few mins of walking towards it, over the coarse of 20mins, it moved independently across large distances of the clear night sky before me, hovered and moved in multiple direction at different speeds… left, right, stop. Right, left, up, stop. and so forth until it eventually stopped for about 5mins in the same position again then shot up to a great height appearing to exit the visible stratosphere at incredible split second speeds. At least 100x the speed i had being watching it move.

    what ever i saw can not be certainly explained. I wish back then I had mobile phone camera’s because it was amazing and maybe with footage we could have learned more from this experience.

    point being, Keeps your heads level and think about it in scale. I personally feel the turbine incident isn’t a likely extraterrestrial encounter based of more probable possibilities with ice. Since Britain has seen the most bizarre adverse freezing conditions this week (I know its convenient excuse from Ecotricity) but I think I can let it go. If Alien enthusiasts continue to rave otherwise in light of this it only adds less credibility to the cause of the more valid facts the media unforgivably doesn’t plaster on headline news because stories sell not text books.

    thanks for reading
    Keep it real 😉

    Mike Says:- Awwww, now you gone an spoiled all the fun! 🙂

  31. 8 January, 2009 8:09 PM

    This is very strange, who in there right mind whould move them great big blades at that time and that freezing in the morning, you would have to be stupid, i really cant see the people lying, lets hope we find out what did happen though because this is interesting

  32. 8 January, 2009 8:01 PM

    How can a blade simply dissapear? To cite the missing blade as being evidence of a collision must surely be logicaly inconsistent with the laws of physics! Maybe aliens wanted the blade for their own analytical purposes and used technology which we can currently only comprehend to “extract” it. Maybe they wanted a souvenier of their trip to planet earth. Lets hope they don’t collide with a nuclear power station next!

    Mike Says:- the blades absence was only cited as evidence that it didn’t just drop off as some people have intimated. Not that it was taken away!

  33. angelina permalink
    8 January, 2009 6:47 PM

    I believe in all things unexplained including ghosts and the paranormal. I myself have seen strange things in the sky and experienced strange goings on.
    I believe all who said they seen the ufo’s in the sky, why would people want to tell their stories and face ridicule if it wasn’t true. Also I am not stupid enough to believe we are the only living things in the galaxy. Of course it’s going to be fobbed off as an explainable situation (as always!) Some people are saying how can a ufo crash as they are so advanced-nobody’s perfect and the craft and occupants probably do have technical failures as does everything else, nothing is 100% efficient!
    As for the MOD-well maybe they might change their attitudes if one crashes into them one day!

  34. Bob Burton permalink
    8 January, 2009 6:45 PM

    Has anyone given any thought to the airforce & nato firing range at Donna Nook on the coast near Conisholme.

    What about the American hotshots & their identification of friendly forces in the Middle East.

    I doubt if a ufo pilot would mistake a 200ft tower & endanger his craft.

    I live in a ufo hotspot in Wales & have never seen a Ufo,even though we have strong beer.

  35. Ollie permalink
    8 January, 2009 5:24 PM

    Matthew Bourton
    Please can you post the video of the lights…Would love to it 😉

  36. Matthew Bourton permalink
    8 January, 2009 1:46 PM

    I filmed the orange light that was heading in the direction of the wind farm at 12.15am on New Years Day morning. As it was coming towards me and ended up directly above my house I can tell it was not a plane or chinese lantern as some people are saying.

    Mike Says:- have you uploaded the footage anywhere so we can see it? I’m sure there are many of us out here in the bloggersphere who’d love to!

  37. 8 January, 2009 1:17 PM

    This is undeniably a UFO collision. The worrying aspect of the incident is the mystery of perhaps a motive for the collision on he part of the more advanced inteligent beings. The MOD have never wanted to get involved in being defensive or seek to track down these Extra peeps because that would cause alarm. I beleive however these stealth like creatures are becoming more confident and interested in us, just as we are in the planet Mars and possible creatures. We are so arrogant as a race that we believe we are the only folk in the whole galaxy.That’s damm nieve of us and we may well pay for such nievity in time. It wont be long before one of these space ships crashes or the MOD are forced to take an offensive.GOD HELP US!

    Mike says:- I Refer you to the book, Open Skies, Closed Minds by Nick Pope. He was a real the Fox Mulder of the MOD! You might be interested in what he has to say.

  38. limey permalink
    8 January, 2009 12:56 PM

    Turbine blades have been known to stress and fail, especially in high winds. The failing blade will usually impact the tower of another blade, causing major damage. In once such case the failing blade severed the tower.

    I expect that any investigation will find that is the cause and there will be no debris from any other object, UFO or otherwise.

    I certainly would not trust anything The Sun has to say about it.

    Mike Says:- And that was the strange thing about this incident, the 3rd blade was not there, as would be expected if it had simply failed.

  39. bavski permalink
    8 January, 2009 10:17 AM

    UFOs obviously exist, but are too quickly linked with aliens and other planets etc.

    I think that everyone needs to remember that the ‘U’ stands for unidentified – the flying object could be an MOD prototype or an aircraft from a culture closer to home (spy-planes?).

    Also, in response to Daniel’s statement:
    “To be honest I would find it strange that beings flying alien craft (with the level of intellect and sophistication that must entail) would be so stupid as to hit a wind turbine considering they can traverse the universe or jump between dimensions or whatever.”
    You are assuming that because the craft is unidentified that it is from another planet/dimension, and also that if an alien had managed to pilot a ship to earth, he/she/whatever would be skilled at piloting his vehicle in conditions which, to them, would be ‘alien’.

  40. 8 January, 2009 10:16 AM

    Who is that comment aimed at?

  41. Daniel permalink
    8 January, 2009 5:39 AM

    Narrow minded people who can’t spell irritate me – the net seems to be awash with them. They act like they have the answers to everything and ridicule anything that might not be easily and rationally explained.

    Well this may come as news to you but you don’t have the answers to everything; even your very own existence defies rational logic – think about it.

    I doubt the old couple at the centre of this incident are lying and they certainly didn’t destroy the wind turbine blades by themselves and then go and hide the evidence. They just related what they witnessed. If they had been lying they could easily have constructed a more elaborate and exciting story: “Yeh I saw a UFO hit the turbine then aliens came out and took away the blades and debris, etc …” but they never, (even though the Sun attempts to mislead readers into thinking the woman said she saw a UFO hit the turbines: “A woman motorist told how she saw a UFO zoom towards the wind farm and strike the 290ft turbine. “) they just talked about strange lights in the sky hours earlier heading in the direction of the turbines and how they were woken at 4am by a loud bang. The woman even stated she didn’t believe in UFOs.

    To be honest I would find it strange that beings flying alien craft (with the level of intellect and sophistication that must entail) would be so stupid as to hit a wind turbine considering they can traverse the universe or jump between dimensions or whatever.

    Until a rational explanation is found as to what happened to the blades the possibility of a paranormal cause cannot be dismissed.

    The incidence of UFO sightings is very high these days and unless you witness one for yourself you are always going to be sceptical about it, afterall I expect most people would feel quite alarmed that beings from other planets are just whizzing about freely in our skies doing God knows what.

  42. 6 January, 2009 11:47 PM

    It could have been ball lightning. Apparently, the stuff is quite unpredictable, and capable of vaporising some objects while leaving others, even those close by, totally undamaged.

    Thanks for dropping in on my blog, and for linking me to the “Johnny Depp drops his pants’ post – as it happens I do own a copy of that movie, just for the sake of completeness. 😉 I agree, he’s hugely talented, and should be judged on that … but he still has a cute bum.

    Mike says:- Amen to that!!

  43. 6 January, 2009 5:44 PM

    I think God did it.

    Mike Says:-Yeah, The B*stard!

  44. daryl goodall permalink
    6 January, 2009 5:19 PM

    its absolutly stupid that people are making up silly storys about ufos i hope once the investigation has beed carried out on the wind turbine people will relise that there crap silly little lies are not worth it all because some one wants to get there name in the paper.

    Mike says:- Thank you for that insightful, literate and eloquent comment.

  45. 6 January, 2009 2:39 PM

    The damaged wind turbine is very interesting and I would be pleased to hear a good logical explanation instead of just jokes being made about it as always happens when something like this occurs.

    As your article points out, any ordinary aircraft or helicopter would certainly have been downed by such an impact.

    I wonder if anyone is going to analise the edges of the damaged blades for traces of metal or paint particles.

    In June last year whilst on holiday in Iceland I took 2 very interesting photos of objects in the sky but they were written off as ‘condensation on the lens’ and ‘chromatic abberation or lens flare’ by ‘experts’ These suggestions are absolutely ludicrous explanations and it made me think that some people just cannot accept that we may not be alone.

    Rotherham, South yorkshire.

    Mike Says:- I should think that the owners of the turbines will quickly clear up the mess before anyone has a chance to analyse anything, which is a huge pity. As for your own photos, I’d be very interested to see them myself. Any chance you can post a link to them if you’ve uploaded them?


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