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The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

4 January, 2009

Having seen the trailer for the movie version of this book the last time I ventured into the cinema, I was intrigued by its premise. Whilst out shopping with “the beloved” yesterday, and having some gift tokens to spend, I bought a copy of the book thinking that the novel version would most likely be much better than the movie version, as so often they are.


I obviously understood what I was getting myself into, I had some idea of what the content of the book may entail as I’d read The Men with The Pink Triangle by Heinz Heger some years ago.

When I sat down to read this book at 6.30pm last night, I didn’t realise that I wouldn’t put it down again until I’d finished it at 1.40am the following morning.

I must have gone through almost every emotion that I was capable of in that time including, amusement, sadness, anger, shock, disbelief and finally loss. As I completed the book I had tears streaming down my face, and I have to confess, I’m not normally one for spontaneous outbursts of emotion but this book really hit me where it hurt.

 The book touched something inside of me. It may have been because it was told from the point of view of the 9 yr old Bruno. His view on life, his innocence and what he perceived to be right and wrong only added to the horror of the books conclusion. I won’t spoil it for you by telling you how the story ends but I recommend it whole heartedly.

I have two pieces of advice regarding this story. The first, read it, don’t watch it, secondly, make sure you have someone around to hold your hand at the end.

If you’re not one for reading books and would prefer to watch the movie, you can view the trailer for it here.

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  1. 4 January, 2009 10:45 PM

    Having been told something about it by people who’ve both read the book and seen the film, I won’t spoil it for others as I suspect that both versions are excellent – but I won’t read it, or see the film. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t recommend it – but I know it would press all my most upsettable buttons, (again, I won’t list them here as I wouldn’t want to spoil it for others, but if you know the film or book, you’ll guess) and would haunt me forever, and I can’t bear even thinking about it, and I know my limits!

    Mike Says:- A book about the holocaust would always be an upsetting theme, but even though I knew I was in for as rough ride, thought that I really still ought to read it.

  2. 4 January, 2009 12:45 PM

    I don’t have someone around, therefore I’d best not read it methinks!!

    Good review though. Sounds like it had a big impact on you. I’m between books at the moment. My new commute involves too little sitting so I’m hardly reading at all now which is a shame.

    Mike Says:- You should try one of those “Quick Read” books, they’re designed for people with little time to read!

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