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The new camera

24 December, 2008

I finally had a chance to play with my new camera last night. For a change I actually resisted the temptation to jump right in and start fiddling with the knobs and settings straight away. Instead, I actually sat and read through the instruction manual first, then put it together, fitted the lens cap and strap, put in the batteries and switched it on…only to realise I hadn’t remembewred to bring a memory card. One wasn’t supplied with the camera…doh! I had to make do with the camera’s internal memory and after taking a few test shots with it, filled it up. I had to keep clearing the internal memory every two minutes. On maximum resolution I could only take 4 pictures with the internal memory.

As it’s quiet here at work today, I’ve done some internet research on the costs of memory cards, I have a couple of 2GB Sandisc cards, but could do with a couple of extras. On various websites the costs are dramatically different, and range from £5,50 to £46.00 for the same thing.

I think I’ll be ordering mine from an online source! The high street retailers seem to be the most expensive, ridiculously so. It’s no wonder they’re experiencing a drop in sales, there’s a lot to be said for buying from a source that doesn’t have the overheads of a retail space to cover.

I don’t expect to take startling pictures with the new camera, I’m not a photography buff like Milo and Daphne and some of my fellow bloggers who seem to have cameras to hand at just the right time! but I hope to take some shots with the new camera that I can be proud of.

As it’s also Christmas Eve and we’re talking of photography, the BBC have today published some photographs taken of the first Earthrise seen by a human taken in 1968, the same year I was born.

Although this is the first human captured image, the astronauts who took it weren’t happy with it as it was in black and white. Apparently they scrambled around their lunar capsule to find some colour film and managed to take this next shot before they went out of range.

It’s easy for us to be blasé about photos taken of the Earth from space, we’ve seen other, better shots since these two were taken. These two have a resonance as they were the very first images captured on film, of our planet, seen from space by a human being. I think they’re beautiful.

You can read the BBC’s article here.

Oh and if I don’t get chance to post tomorrow!


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  1. 29 December, 2008 12:17 AM

    Those photos are still great – they still fill me with wonder.

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