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Christmas draws closer..

23 December, 2008

and I’m just about ready, my previous, premature, smug post not withstanding, I’m nearly there. I discovered, probably like most people, that I’d forgotten numerous gifts off my list of purchases, which in turn condemned me to a weekend of hell, pushing, shoving and standing in rediculously long queues attempting to buy one DVD!

I’ve run out of wrapping paper, bows and tags and I’ve had to buy some more. I can’t decide whether I underestimated how much I needed or whether I’ve dramatically overspent this Christmas.

Did I really need to buy as much as I have? Do I ask myself the same question every year? Nah of course not, that’s the whole point about Christmas, it’s about giving and what the hell if I’ve over spent. As long as the person on the recieving end is happy then it’s been worth every penny.

This last weekend, was planned out to the last minute; a list of jobs and errands that needed to be completed was drawn up early on Friday night and the list was not deviated from. I felt better for doing it as it  meant that I didn’t forget anything else or anyone else.

The “beloved” had invited guests over for dinner on Sunday night and for a change I didn’t cook. He did. It all went rather well, apart from the odd cry for assistance from the kitchen. All in all a good night was had by everyone. The food was great, there was enough wins and festive drinks for everyone and the conversation flowed like a river.

All I can say is thank the maker for dishwashers!!

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