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Christmas is coming…

15 December, 2008

This weekend I really got into the Christmas spirit. The tree went up and was decorated with lights, baubles, tinsel and other hanging decorations, to the sound of choral carols blasting out on the hi-fi.


I started wrapping presents with bright coloured paper, ribbons, tags and bows. I wrote out most of my Christmas cards that didn’t need to be posted and then I sat back and planned my television viewing over the festive period.

This year, I’ve been so organised with the whole Christmas thing, that even I’ve scared myself. All my shopping has been done with a minimum of fuss and stress. Most of it I’ve done online, as I’ve said in previous posts. What shopping I’ve needed to do in the real world has been a breeze. Everytime I’ve been out to the city centre or to a mall it’s been dead quiet. None of the usual pushing, shoving and general chaos of previous years. Some have said that due to the world wide credit crunch that Christmas this year will be lean. Not mine! I’ve not really felt any of the crunch, most of my payments have stayed pretty much unaltered. I don’t owe much money to anyone, except the mortgage and car and a small amount on a credit card but that’s it.

I guess I’m one of the lucky ones.

I have enough money saved up to ensure that I can spend what I need without worrying I’m over doing it. In fact I might even treat myself to something new this Christmas. I’ve already bought a new TV for “the loved ones”, “the beloved” already has the new blu-ray machine and this weekend bought himself a new TV (50″ HD plasma) to go with it. I may treat myself to a new camera. I’ve been looking at a Nikon or Fujifilm 10mp camera with 12x opitcal zoom. I think that I’d get much better results with that than with my current one. I’ve seen both for under £150.00  ($222 + tax). I think that’s a good price.

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