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Technology Rocks!

11 December, 2008

I’ve just treat myself to a mobile broadband usb thingy. You plug it into your laptop, let the thingy install its own drivers and viola! You have 3G broadband where ever you are in the country regardless of whether you have a wifi signal or not. This thing uses mobile phone techstuff. I can now get full internet on the go, in the car or in the loo! and where there is 3G, I get that too!

I love technology!

ps I got this in an email yesterday, for those not in the UK, it won’t mean much to you, but for all you Brits that read my blog, I just had to share. Click the image for a bigger view.


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  1. 19 December, 2008 4:29 PM

    I thought of you and of your post about her when I added this to my blog!

  2. 17 December, 2008 9:50 AM

    I’ve got one of those broadband thingys (boasts) and it’s been really useful, though in obscure corners of such places as the Lake District I’ve been known to send emails and write my blog from the top of a nearby hill because of poor signal!
    The Shannon Matthews spoof ad is completely tasteless and I loved every word of it!

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