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Christmas Shopping

8 December, 2008

The weekend’s over again and I’m starting my 2nd week in my new job. Weekends always seem to fly past quickly, but at least this weekend we managed to cram quite a lot in. Ian’s bought a Sony Blu-Ray DVD player so we’ve spent a bit of time watching movies in Hi-Def! The difference in quality is quite pronounced, we watched Night at the Museum, Order of the Phoenix(Harry P), Hellboy and Spiderman 3. It’s really surprising the depth and almost 3D quality of the discs, well worth the upgrade!!


While we were out purchasing Blu-Ray discs we also caught up on some Christmas shopping in Leeds city centre, it wasn’t quite as busy as I though it would be, the credit crunch must be hitting people really hard. There were queues at most of the checkouts and tills in most of the shops, but not to the extent I’ve seen it in previous years so close to Christmas. normally the queues are out the door!

I managed to buy some bits and bobs for Ian and for my parents, but didn’t buy too much as I’ve bought a lot online this year. I did buy all my gift wrap; ribbon, paper and bows, all in white and duckegg blue, really pretty! I’m actually looking forward to wrapping this year, it’s normaly I job I hate!

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