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into the second week…

17 November, 2008

and the weather has taken a downturn, the temps have been around 66-70 for the past few days, which has been quite refreshing and has meant that it’s been quite pleasant to walk around. The first week’s weather was too humid and after walking around for a while made you feel exhausted because there was no air, now that the temp has dropped it’s much more comfortable. Of course the locals are all complaining its too cold and all are wearing sweaters and coats.

We’ve done some more exploring the past few days and have spent some time on the beach, I’ve picked up some nice examples of coral that I found whilst walking along the sea line. There’s plenty of the stuff that gets washed up.

Done some more shopingh and we’ve booked a trip up to Sawgrass Mill tomorrow morning, that will be an all day trip, set off at 9am and getting picked up at 6pm for the return journey. We’ll need the time as there are over 300 retail outlets at the mill.

We’ve already done some serious retail therapy already, but a little more won’t hurt. I’ve already spent a fortune at Armani Exchange!

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