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It dare it!

12 November, 2008

Yesterday it rained, there were men, women and children screaming running for cover, people were stood in doorways looking up at the sky like Chicken Little wondering if the world was about to end.

The temperature dropped, people were walking around in sweaters, scarves and shorts…

…and there the sarcasm ends.

The rain, such as it was, was a few slight drops, not enough to even wet the floor, the sidewalks are so hot the water evapourates before even landing. The temperature dropped from around 85 degrees to around 75 degrees, but you’d have thought that another ice age had begun the way the Floridians were acting. One waiter said to us ” I hate this weather, it’s so cold”. I told him he should try a British summer in Manchester.

These people have no perspective, a slight breeze, a few drops of rain is nothing. They ought to be thanking their stars and stripes that it’s not another hurricane Katrina! And not forgetting, it is November for heavens sake!

I’m still in t-shirt and shorts, I’m a die hard!!

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  1. 12 November, 2008 10:27 PM

    Cold and blustery here. Just wanted to improve your holiday by letting you know!

    Mike says:- last night at 10.30pm the temperature was still at 77 degrees, and today it’s now standing at 82 degrees and it’s only just gone 10am!

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