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We’ve arrived…

9 November, 2008

We finally checked into the hotel last night about 7pm after 13 hours travelling. We checked in, we’ve got a fantastic room on the 8th floor overlooking the pool and the ocean, the room is huge with a massive superkingsize bed!!

Both of us were dog tired, but we showered, changed and even though both of us were falling asleep decided to go out and get something to eat. We walked down to Jerry’s diner and had a light meal, then walked back to the hotel via CVS pharmacy to pick up a few essentials we’d forgotten to pack, like razors and deoderant and sun tan lotion!

We went to bed around 10pm and slept right through until 8am this morning.

Left the hotel around 9am for breakfast, again stopped off at Jerry’s, then had a slow walk up Lincoln Road and as the sun started to break through the clouds, we headed back to the hotel so that Ian could lay out by the pool. As we walked back into the main foyer, Jamie the Club Lounge manager spotted us and came over to say hello. There were big smiles and handshakes all round. We were suprised he’d remembered us and asked us how long we were staying at the hotel. When he heard we’re there for 2 weeks, he’s upgraded us to Club, which means free food and drink for the whole of the rest of our stay! We’re so lucky, this is the 3rd time this has happened for us, the guys in Club really love us being there as they say we’re a breath of fresh air! They get so many people who have their noses in the air! Club access normally costs…a lot! We treat them like people, not servants, so they like us being there. We have a laugh with them.

We’ve struck lucky once again….more later!

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  1. 10 November, 2008 12:14 AM

    Sounds as though you’re going to have a great time – excellent! Keep some of that sunshine for us, please – we’re flying to Florida on the 21st Nov for two weeks.

    Mike Says:- The weather here at the moment is scorching, there’ll be plenty left I’m sure!!

  2. 9 November, 2008 5:16 PM

    LOVE the new header and glad to hear you got there in one piece!

    You will be pleased to know the weather in UK is AWFUL, and I mean AWFUL. Very squally. Lots of rain, very cold, very windy. Really grim.

    Your upgrade to club sounds amazing!! Make sure you take lots of pics and enjoy your hol!

    Mike Says:- I’m happy to hear about the weather, I’m already sunburned and we’ve only been here a day!! Camera is on standby!!


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