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The great disabled badge taboo

28 October, 2008

I know it’s quite contraversial to have a moan about people with disabled badges, usually it’s people parking in disabled spaces who don’t have them that get peoples’ wrath. Today for the first time I actually had a go at someone who was parked in a disabled spot who had a disabled badge.

I’ve not lost my mind, the reason I saw red was that a guy parked his car in the disabled parking space at my local supermarket. He had a disabled badge in his car. He got out leaving a woman, I later found out to be his wife, walked over to the cash machine, then walked back and as he was climbing back into his car I stopped him and asked him if he was disabled. He pointed to the badge on his windscreen. I pointd out that I was asking if he was disabled personally, not whether he had a badge.

He replied in a gruff voice, “My wife is disabled”, pointing to the woman in the car, I bent to see her clearly and said “hello”, she said “hello” back. I then asked if she was going into the supermarket to do some shopping, she replied that they’d only stopped off at the cash machine on their way home.

I then pointed out to the man that the disabled spot is for people who need to be close to the entrance of the supermarket or those disabled people who needed to use the cash machines, not able bodied spouses.

I pointed out to him that to use a disabled spot for his own gain when he was more than capable of walking from the main car park like everyone else was despicable, even more so as he had a disabled wife. He had used her disability as an excuse not to walk those extra few  yards to the cash machine. Which in my mind is worse than the lazy opportunists who do it without a thought for anyone else.

I left him with the parting shot that he ought to be ashamed of himself and ought to know better.

I hate it when people take advantage out of sheer bone idleness and opportunistic sloth. It’s what’s wrong with society today. People will try and get away with any antisocial behaviour if they think that no one will notice or are too pc to say anything.

I know, I’m turning into Victor Meldrew!

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  1. 26 February, 2010 5:04 PM

    Good for you!!! Im glad you took a stand and let him know that what he was doing was wrong, and hopefully it will make him think the next time he is going to do something like that. People that take advantage of the situation upset me. So again, thankyou for being someone who is not willing to stand by and let someone get away with those kind of selfish acts.

    Check out my blog and let me know what you think.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. 30 October, 2008 9:50 PM

    I’m glad you said something. I’m glad he didn’t punch you. I hate it when people behave in that “sod everyone else” kind of way.

    Mike Says:- I was never in any danger, you get a sense of these things…I guess my “spidersense” told me the worst he would have done is muttered abuse as he drove off!

  3. 29 October, 2008 7:30 AM

    Oh crumbs; shouty man in the car park gets a blog. That said, a woman at work has borrowed her aged and ailing father’s blue badge so she can park in the disabled spot outside the office. Her excuse? She has to drop her daughter to work and by the time she arrives the students (I work at a uni) have taken every other space within 3 miles. She is scum.

    Mike says:- Anyone who takes advantage deserves everything they get!

  4. 28 October, 2008 10:37 PM

    Good for you for saying something! That would get my goat too.

    Mike says:- It’s annoying, and I bet they’re the first to complain if someone else did it and they couldn’t get a space!

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