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Has it been a week already…

24 October, 2008

since my last post? The time has just flown past. I’ve had a really busy week, what with inducting new employees, catching up on someone elses work, breakfast meetings, visits by External Verifiers and dealing with tutors being called paedophiles, oh yes I’ve had a fantastic week.

I’ve even had one of my staff say to me today, “I really respect you as a person”. Now normally I’d be quite proud of that, but you really have to know me to understand why I actually found it quite insulting. I’ve been trying, for the past 5-6months to pull two disparate groups together, I’ve tried to sort out and improve one group that have been undermanned, overworked and generally lost for the better part of a year. I’ve made suggestions for improvements based on a tried and tested model that works, dismissed off hand. I’ve repeatedly asked for things to be done and I have been deliberately, as I discovered today, ignored.

 Now as a manager, I have three ways to tackle this, I can remind them who’s boss and tell them that they do as they’re told or I’ll take them down a disciplinary route or I can try and win them over or just let them get on with it as I’m not going to be there after the end of November.

Well, I’m the type of person who puts my all into everything, it’ll be business as usual right up until 5pm on my last day. That’s me all over. So, I guess option three is out of the window. If I try and berate them into doing as I’ve asked they’ll probabley just retreat even further into their own little cocoons. So I’m left with option 2, try and win them over.

As I was driving home tonight, I had a brain wave, the perfect solution to my problem. Here’s what I intend to do; get them all in the same room. Tell them what I need to see happening. Tell them that they have exactly 1 hour to draw up a plan between themselves on how they are going to achieve it. Tell them that they will be targetted on achieving the results that I want. They’re paid bonuses on targets. So I’ll hit them where it hurts. In their pockets. If they don’t do it, they loose their bonus and because I’m going to make them into performance targets, if they don’t achieve them, then they can be disciplined them not doing the job they’re paid for and eventually if it continues, they’ll be dissmissed. Simple. A plan that’ll last long after I’ve gone and will work for my successor too!

Roll on Monday!

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