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How many cannibals do you know?

9 October, 2008

A strange question to be asked, but asked I was this evening by the Beloved. My answer was of course, “None, Why?, What a strange question.” I said. He replied, “I’m sorry, but your answer is incorrect, you know 1 cannibal.” Obviously, my eyebrows disappeared into my hairline. “What are you talking about?” I asked him perplexed, I wondered if he was going to make some stupid joke. Then he read me the following newspaper article from Tuesday’s Daily Mirror.

Ex Mr Gay UK ‘killed and ate dinner pal in cannibal horror’, court told

A former Mr Gay UK killed a man he cooked dinner for and tried to eat his flesh, a jury heard yesterday.

Ex-chef Anthony Morley is said to have seasoned bits of thigh with fresh herbs then fried them in olive oil.

Police found six pieces of cooked flesh on a chopping board and a chewed piece in the kitchen bin.

Morley, 36 – the first Mr Gay UK in 1993 – denies murdering advertising salesman Damian Oldfield.

He claims the 33-year-old homosexual tried to rape him, the court was told.

Morley is said to have walked to a nearby takeaway in a blood-stained dressing gown and flip-flops. He asked staff to call the police then sat outside waiting to be arrested.

Mr Andrew Stubbs, QC, prosecuting, told the jury of eight women and four men at Leeds crown court that Morley was unsure of his sexuality.

But he had arranged to meet Mr Oldfield, who worked for the publishers of a gay magazine called Bent, in Leeds last April.

They exchanged text messages earlier in the day and in one of them Morley wrote: “Never been really properly gay. Tried being bi, tried being straight but never been a hundred per cent happy. Maybe one day I will find happiness.”

Afterwards they went up to his bedroom and that is where the alleged attack happened, the court heard. Mr Oldfield had his throat cut while he was under the duvet and collapsed on the floor where he was stabbed numerous times, including several times after he was already dead.

Police found a nine-inch piece of skin and flesh, including a nipple, had been cut from his chest and left alongside the body with a bank card put over the gaping wound. Another eight-inch slice was cut from his thigh.

Mr Stubbs said officers found six pieces of cooked flesh from the dead man on a chopping board.

He added: “A further piece of cooked flesh which appeared to have been chewed was later found in a bin bag in the kitchen.”

Saliva on the flesh matched Morley’s DNA profile.

He allegedly told police: “Someone tried to rape me and I have killed that person.”After his arrest, he is said to have mumbled: “I cooked him a nice meal. I said to take it slow, why did he do that?”

The trial continues today.

Just goes to show! You just never know! I’ve know him for 15 years! The photo below is a publicity shot from 1993 for the first ever Mr Gay UK final in Blackpool. Anthony is circled. I really liked him and weve never once had crossed words. There have been many nights when we’d been out for a drink and even then never saw his darker side. He was never nasty, even when he’d had too much.

Something inside of him has sent him off the rails, I haven’t spoken to hime for a year or two as I moved away from Leeds to where I am now, but I just wonder what he’s gone through to turn him from the sweet, pleasant, lovely guy that I once knew. His mental state has obviously had a beating over the years and he has never come to terms with his sexuality, even back in 1993, he claimed to be straight, even after entering Mr Gay UK. I’ve known him go out with girls, and I’ve known him take guys home after a night out.

I just wish now that we’d never lost touch because I feel that if I could have helped him in some small way, then he may not have done what he’s alledged to have done.

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  1. Moridin's Shadow permalink
    17 October, 2008 7:33 AM

    hmm so did he eat the other guy or just chew on a peice of him??
    im doing a speech on cannibalism n was looking for sources but i guess i cant use this guy for part of my modern cannibalism. kind of dissapointing but i will just have to use the guy who eats babies was hopeing that i could use something else because i have women in the class who have children n i didnt want to offend them too greatly with the consumption of children.

    Mike Says:- The evidence I’ve heard so far indicates he never actually swallowed any flesh, as they did find the chewed piece in the bin afterwards.

  2. 11 October, 2008 8:34 AM

    Oh that’s awful. I saw it on the news.

  3. 11 October, 2008 4:53 AM

    Reading this made me nauseous. Blech!

  4. 10 October, 2008 3:24 AM

    It just goes to show that you never know what evil lurks inside anyone….

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