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29 September, 2008

I feel like doodoo. I’m run down, tired, emotionally drained and in desperate need of a holiday! I’ve got to weather it out until November when I fly out to sunny Florida and into the welcoming arms of the Sunshine State!

Work isn’t going well. I’m having serious doubts about accepting the promotion in September. It isn’t what I hoped it would be, the new MD is driving me in a direction that is widely different from the position that I thought I was accepting. Instead of doing what I wanted to do, he has me backing up the two operations managers, so effectively I’m doing the job of two, because, if they don’t do their jobs correctly, then it’s my fault, according to him. He isn’t pleasant with it either, I don’t think he’s said a civil word to me in weeks. Last week, I had a day off, I missed a managment meeting. When I got back and read the minutes of the meeting the next day I was shocked to read that he’d threatened to sack me. Why? Because the two operations managers couldn’t answer a question that they both should have known the answer to. I was obviously very upset.

Not once have either of the two operations managers tried to explain why I’d been threatened with the sack and the MD has certainly not made the effort to explain why either. I personally believe that they’re frightened to death of him. In management meetings he shouts, swears and uses the “F” word all the time. It may be OK for people like Gordon Ramsey or Alan Sugar. They can foster a cut throat tostesterone fueled aggresive, macho work environment if they wish. It’s not an environment I want to work in!

It’s really, really begun to wear me down. He’s a big bloke, physically and is probably not used to people standing up to him, which comes across in the way he deals with people. He’s been described as a bully in the past. I can see why. It’s taken me two years to finally get to see him in full flow and it’s not a pretty sight. Ok, I swear and I swear at work, but not like that and never in meetings and never in anger. I don’t feel it’s warranted and it’s certainly never appropriate. He openly admits that he doesn’t manage, but maniplulates and actively encourages people to do the same.

After 5 years with the company it’s time to move on. The company has changed beyond comparison. 5 years ago a member of staff using the “F” word in a meeting would have been given a written warning, now it’s almost compulsory. I’ve also noticed that other members of the management team’s behaviour has also stated to mimic and mirror his. The erosion of civility and basic good manners is making me sick. 

I no longer enjoy working there and I no longer want to.

So, I’ve sent my CV (resume) to a few places and I’ve had a good response back. I’ve got three interviews lined up for this Friday, all in different cities so I’m going to be doing some serious driving about. Only one of the three companies is attractive to me, the other two are “grass is greener” companies. The one I do like the look of is based in Leeds. This means I’d be closer to The Beloved and also has the added benefit of being a much larger company with 18 sites across the UK. My present company only has 3, also the salary would be larger. So overall a more attractive proposition, providing the managers don’t swear at each other!

Perhaps I ought to ask that as a question in my interviews!

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  1. Daphne permalink
    3 October, 2008 6:17 PM

    When I was teaching I once worked for a headteacher who told us on his first day, “I rule by confrontation”. It took him less than a year to almost destroy the school and much less time to wreck staff morale. I hope you manage to leave. Yes, come and work in Leeds, it’s nice here. And I’m going to Florida in November too – – I may have mentioned it once or twice (a day) on my blog!!

  2. 1 October, 2008 9:28 PM

    Best of luck with it. I’m also in interviews at the moment myself. Last 3 months has been hell on earth, as you know.

  3. 30 September, 2008 8:15 PM

    I had a similar experience at work recently (attitudes, not swearing – that’s pretty shocking). Fortunately I’ve already handed in my notice. Get out, get out, get out!

  4. 29 September, 2008 11:31 PM

    Attitudes leak, and it starts at the top. I feel for you….

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