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Late night arrivals

20 September, 2008

I love airport arrivals lounges. Most people hate hanging around watching the boards, waiting to see if the plane they’re waiting for has landed. I love it, I love to watch the progress on the board for a flight to change, I get a buzz when the flight you’re watching changes to “on approach” then to “landed” then to “arrived” and to the final “claiming baggage”. I love to watch peoples faces as their loved ones walk through the arrival lounge doors. The huge smiles, the hugs and sometimes the tears.

I made sure that I was at the airport in plenty of time last night to pick up “the loved ones” and I sat plugged into my iPhone listening to music and watching those people around me. The parents picking up their daughter, the man picking up his girlfriend, the man in the suit picking up a business colleague from overseas and last night, the students arriving for the start of term at Manchester University looking dazed and confused.

Airport arrivals lounges are a great place to see emotion, there’s hardly any sadness in an arrivals lounge.

That’s usually confined to the departures.

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  1. 21 September, 2008 5:04 PM

    Oh, I’ve with you on this. I like watching people arriving at airports too, also the emotion at the departure gate. Human nature on display, makes you realise we’re not robots.

    Mike says:- And I think from time to time we need reminding of that!

  2. 20 September, 2008 11:39 PM

    Well, yes, I love it too – like train stations they’re a great place for people-watching. Of recent years I’ve always been the one doing the meeting – the last time I was on a plane was 1999. But ignore my heart swelling with self-pity – – in November I’m going to firstly Barcelona and then Florida! Hurrah! (Yes, I may have mentioned this before. Yes, I may mention it again. Sorry.)

    Mike says:- And I’ll be in Florida in November too! Hurrah x 2!

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