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Too much time on my hands

16 September, 2008

Well, since the loved ones went of on their journey to Ibiza, I’ve had to “Dog Sit”. Which means that I’ve had to take some time off work to be at home. I’ve worked the mornings and come home each day at lunch, where I’ve been a domestic god, doing laundry, cleaning the house, gardening, sitting around in my underwear, surfing the net, watching stupid daytime TV programmes and generally been as bored as a person can get when they’re house bound.

The only time I’ve managed to get out of the house is to enroll at the university. Yes, I’ve done it, I’m now officially a university student, and I have my card to prove it!

Yes, it even has the obligatory nasty photo!

My first session is on Tuesday 23rd at 6.15pm, I’m really looking forward to it!

Oh and at the weekend, I managed to get into Leeds and met up with the Beloved, we went and paid the final installment for the holiday in November, so the countdown to Miami begins again!

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  1. 17 September, 2008 7:30 PM

    I bet you’re excited about starting uni – is a fun time for you and great new direction. I know you will love it.

    Gratz on sorting Miami! I’m off to Egypt next week for a 1 week holiday which I am in direeeeeee need of.

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