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ebay mania

3 September, 2008
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OMG, I’ve just put half my DVD collection up for sale on ebay. I must be getting old. It’s taken me years to build up my collection and now I’ve gone and put most of it up for grabs.

One part of my head is yelling “DE_CLUTTER, THROW OUT THE TRASH” the other half is yelling back “NO, NO YOU LOVE THOSE DVDS, THEY’RE YOUR CHILDREN!”

I guess the lure of easy money; unlocking my assets, to spend on my trip to Miami in a few week’s time is too great a temptation and I’m with Oscar on the subject of temptation!

I do hope that my DVds go to a good home. I may ask for regular updates on their wellbeing. I might insist that my DVDs are not placed alongside any nasty slasher horror DVDs or right wing facist neonazi type DVDs and especially not next to “The Greatest Story Ever Told” that would be just too much!

I Just had a funny thought, if I have any cyber-stalkers out there, if you find my ebay listings, like Britney, you can have a piece of me!

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