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is this my mid life crisis?

2 September, 2008
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When I was a kid I learned how to play the ukulele. When I grew up, supposedly, I stopped playing and neverthought about it again. Until the recent death of my uncle, who played a 5 string banjo in a band. I’ve been thinking about picking it up again and have done some research into the costs of buying a new ukulele and to my great suprise have found that they are very inexpensive. For less than £20.00 ($37) I could order the one in the pic below. Which is a bit of fun. It’s an entry level instrument, nothing fancy.

I’m rather tempted, but with my 40th birthday just around the corner, think maybe it’s just the onset of a mid-life crisis

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  1. 8 September, 2008 9:22 PM

    As mid-life crisis purchases go, I think it’s definitely not excessive. Go on, have fun – do as I say not as I did on my fortieth. Which was cry, mostly. And refuse any kind of celebration. By 50 I’d cheered up a bit and had a great trip on a narrowboat.

  2. 3 September, 2008 12:30 AM

    I turned 40 a month ago. And I’ve been buying everything my heart desires (which is so not like me). I think it does have to do with turning 40. Not a bad thing, IMHO.

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