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Doesn’t time fly?

19 June, 2008

I’ve just noticed, this week saw my 2nd anniversary on WordPress.

Hasn’t the time flown quickly? It only seems like yesterday when I was sat at my pc looking at a blank post wondering what the hell to write.

Now of course, two years on, you can’t shut me up!

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  1. 19 June, 2008 10:05 PM

    And I still think it’s weird that I found your blog when I was doing a worldwide search for the lyrics of Big Yellow Taxi – – – and yet you’re in Yorkshire and not too far from where I live!

    Mike Says:- Spooky huh?

  2. Daniel Putkowski permalink
    19 June, 2008 9:03 PM

    You’re right about time flying. I’m new to blogging, but as I started uploading photos and building my site, I realized that many of the photos were 5 years old! Man, what happened. You might enjoy my Spain photos and things at By the way, big yellow taxi, love that name.

    Mike Says: – Thanks Daniel, I’m rather attached to the name, has sentimental value for me..but that’s another story. I ventured onto your site via your blog, I’ll be ordering your book for definite. I also agree whole heartedly about the value of words. I love reading how other people use them, helps me perfect my craft. Unlike you, I’m still stuggling to find an agent!!

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