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To Brum & back

17 June, 2008

Today, my work led me away from God’s own country to Birmingham where I had to attend a conference. I went because no one else wanted to and I got the short straw.

I’ve never been to Birmingham before and didn’t really get much of a chance to explore before the conference, but once it was over, I took a slow detoured stroll through the city centre to the train station in the sunshine.

I was quite suprised. Although, I’m aware that I only really saw a small part of the city centre, it looked quite nice, not at all the concrete jungle I’d been led to believe.

And true to form, I always manage to stumble upon the seedy side…

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  1. 18 June, 2008 10:52 PM

    I went to a university interview there once and thought it was Concrete Jungle. Mind you, many years later I went through Birmingham on a narrowboat and found it fascinating (more canals in Birmingham than in Venice, you know, which is a useful piece of info to trot out if ever you want everyone in the room to think you’re an annoying smartarse).

  2. 18 June, 2008 7:53 PM

    Yeh, it’s not a bad city is it? Size wise it’s quite manageable. I’m not averse to the accent either to be honest.

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