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Barcelona Day 4

7 April, 2008

Today has been pretty chilled in more ways than one, after yesterday’s scorching sunshine, today was a lot cooler and cloudy. As such we decided to walk up to the university and explore the shops and see where the winding side streets led us. Along the way we made a few purchases and stopped periodically for drinks and a rest. Due to all the walking Ian has developed a bad knee and has had some problems walking and climbing stairs, but nothing that has hindered our experience.

Quite by accident we stumbled upon what must be the Islamic quarter of the city where the majority of the shop’s signs and notices were in Arabic. We didn’t stick around too long as we were getting some strange looks, but then again it might just have been my imagination. Ian has nicknamed this area “Little Iraq”.

From there we made our way via La Rambla to the Barri Gotic area and the now more familiar streets and shop’s where I picked up a few gifts. On our return to the hotel we had a little nap, can’t you tell we’re getting old!

Once we’d woken, showered, shaved and changed we went back out to a nice little restaurant we’d found not too far from the hotel. We both indulged in a nice fillet steak each to finish off our stay.

We fly home tomorrow on the 7.20pm plane back to Leeds-Bradford so we only have the morning to play with, once we’ve packed that is.

Next post should see me back home in Penistone once I’ve had chance to sort out the best photos.

Also it’s back to work on Wednesday. Yipee! Not!

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  1. Joseph permalink
    7 April, 2008 10:04 PM

    Those weren’t weird looks, in the middle east everyone looks at everyone no matter what. I live in Ramallah, Palestine and everyone looks at everyone, there is no minding-you’re-own-business…it comes with being very friendly, if you tried talking to any of them they would most proabably be nice šŸ˜€ Just as long as you dont mention you’re gay…they can be very mean when it comes to that.

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