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Barcelona Day 3

6 April, 2008

We gave up on the Picasso Museum as soon as we saw the queue! Spent the whole morning by the beach and Port Vell, didn´t realise just how strong the sun was as we´ve both quite caught the sun!

I know it´s been snowing back home, but when the sun is as strong as it is here, it´s quite unreal.

This afternoon we had a walk around the gothic quarter of Barcelona and took in some of the architecture and sights that are bountiful in this part of the old town. It was pretty quiet being a Sunday, but there were still plenty of people aboout. Found a really nice restuarant, very old world Spain, fantastic fillet steak and very reasonable too!

I forgot to mention, on Thursday night, the  night we arrived, Ian and I were accosted by three lady prostitues on our way back to our hotel after having a meal out. I wouldn´t really mention it, apart from the fact that these women were obviously onto a loosing game from the outset, but later we found out that the reason they were touching us up wasn´t really the reason we thought. The nice lady in the hotel told us they were searching for our wallets and were probably pick-pockets. Luckily for us, we´d already heard that pick-pockets were a problem and so had moved our wallets to our front pockets instead. It all adds to the local colour!

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