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Barcelona Day 2

5 April, 2008

After breakfast and taking some t-shirts back that didn’t fit, either European sizes are smaller or Ian and I have put on weight since we arrived! We jumped on the Metro and made our way to the Parc Zoologic. After paying our entrance fee, almost 15 Euros each, we made our way inside. We knew it would be busy being a Saturday but we were very suprised to see the queue for the dolphin show extend almost halfway around the park. The zoo has the usual array of exhibits but what suprised me was the wide variety of species, for example not only did they have lions, tigers and leopards but black panthers, linx and cougars also.

I was very pleased to see giraffes, rhinos, hippopotamuses, elephants and a wide selection of monkeys and gorillas. Ian attempted to engage a chimpanzee in conversation, the young chimp was obviously not in the mood as he very pointedly turned his back on Ian, much to my amusement. As soon as Ian walked away the chimp turned back around! I took almost 4 hours to get around the zoo, which in my book is a great day out. After we left the zoo, with tired feet we took refuge in a small bar by the beach and people watched until our feet and legs had recovered.

From there we walked along the beach front at Barceloneta up to the huge golden fish sculpture and back again to Port Vell. By this time our legs were dropping off so we wearily made our way back to the hotel. We have decided to save the Picasso Museum until tomorrow.

I guess tonight will be a short trip out for an evening meal and then back to the hotel for an earlyish night. We’re too long in the tooth now for clubbing after the day’s exercise we’ve had.

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  1. 6 April, 2008 7:21 AM

    Glad you’re having a good time. Heavy snow here!! Even in London!!

    Mike Says:- Not wishing to rub salt in or anything, but it must be at least 70 degrees here today and I for one have a very sore forehead!

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