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playing catch up with time

30 March, 2008

clock.jpgIt’s been a while since my last post, life seems to have gotten in the way as it so often does. Since the Easter bank holiday I don’t seem to have had a minutes peace, and quite a lot has happened but I’ll try and remember everything. So starting at the bank holiday, we share the bank holiday with our anniversary, this year we celebrated our 9th year, seems only like yesterday when we met to be honest, we use the Easter bank holiday Monday as our anniversary date even though it’s different each year, as neither of us can remember exactly what date it was back in 1999. This year we ent out for a great meal at the Thai Pavillion, (Station Parade, Harrogate) the food, service, atmosphere and price were brilliant and I can’t recommend this place highly enough.

We also picked up the tickets for Barcelona over the weekend, we fly out on the 3rd April. Can’t wait. On the Monday we didn’t really do much, caught up on sleep, watched Tv and generally vegetated in front of the TV. On my way back home to I stopped off at the hole in the wall at the bank to draw out some money, only to find that my account was empty. It shouldn’t have been. On the following day and back at work, I went into the bank in my lunch hour and asked them to investigate. It seems that due to a an error, someone had incorrectly transferred all my money into someone elses account. They obviously apologised and tried to rectify the error, which they did to a certain extent. During the period my money was missing, my mortgage company had also tried to take a paymeny, which bounced, and consequently they also charged me for their trouble. I then had to sort all that out too. My bank have offered to pay all charges on my mortgage and my normal account, but I’m still not happy. I feel the need to shout at someone other than the woman who has tried to put things right, who has been as sweet as can be throughout the whole affair.

Last week, work was a nightmare, someone tried to blame me for something that had gone horribly wrong. I wasn’t to blame and made my thoughts and feelings perfectly plain about the whole issue and what I thought about that certain person trying to use me a scapegoat.

Although it wasn’t my fault it fell to me to try and salvage the whole situation, because suprise, suprise I’m the only one with the necessary experience and qualifications to do so. I have done and everyone involved have been very complimentary except the person who tried to point the finger of blame in my direction. She, has remained tight lipped throughout. I will deal with her in time, as Shakespeare said, “revenge is a dish…” etc.

Had a reasonable weekend this weekend, had a couple of meals out with Ian, we bought a couple of DVDs and have watched those this weekend, one was an old Agatha Christie story which neither of us had seen before, even though it was made in 1981. That was enjoyable, we both love Agatha Christie’s work and also the Poirot & Marple series and own every episode on DVD, this was a stand alone story called The Seven Dials Mystery which has only just been released. We didn’t guess the ending.

It’s now Sunday night and I’m back home having forgotten today was clock adjusting day due to day light savings. I’ve lost an hour and now feel slightly out of sync with everything.

It’s a short week at work as we fly out on Thursday. There is internet at the hotel so watch out for posts if I don’t manage to post again at home before we go.

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  1. 1 April, 2008 5:14 PM

    sometimes when i was addressed into the inevitable situation,
    besides i did defenses, i just put those troubling mind cases merely in office.
    and da, at home i just wanna be free and just completely be me, not as an worker at office.
    so i just relaxing by open some books.
    i love Marlo thomas book “the right word at the right time”
    and sometimes, well i seldomly i guess,
    i could also open kinda religious book.
    Dalai lama work also makes me filled by peaceful mind.
    i love his writing on the book called “the art of happiness”
    not because i’m a religious person, but sometimes i need it.
    and also need to know how this kind person like Dalai Lama facing problems.
    that’s it.

    but i completely kinda dirty person, 🙂
    and visit my blog if you have the spare time.
    i made this blog several weeks ago.


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