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back to the normal routine

14 March, 2008

Well folks, my flu has finally gone and I’m fit and well enough to resume normal weekly activities, I know I’ve been back at work all week suffering in silence, but his weekend I’m feeling ok enough to travel through to Leeds.

Last weekend, being stuck at home, was awful. I was bored out of my head not being able to do the things that I normally would. I miss Ian, who I haven’t seen in 2 weeks due to the flu and putting myself in quarantine, so it’s going to be great to be able to spend the weekend with him again. Even if we don’t so anything special, it’s just going to be liberating being able to have the option of going out or snuggling up in front of the TV.

I’m feeling quite up beat today, we’ve had a good team meeting at work and it looks like the future for us is rosey, with lots of new contracts and some cast iron guarantees for future business, so I can rest assured my job is safe for another few years. It’s always a concern when you’re funded by the government, whether their priorities change and the emphasis shifts away from what you’re doing, but it looks as though everything is hunky dorey. There is even talk of expansion, so all is good news.

I’ll be away from my pc until my normal Sunday night checkin…

Have a great weekend!

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