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Jonny dropped for a younger man

12 March, 2008

The BBC report today that Jonny Wilkinson says his international rugby career is not over despite being axed from England’s team to face Ireland. Danny Cipriani replaces Wilkinson at fly-half but the World Cup-winner insists he can recapture his place.“The fire is still there,” said the 28-year-old. “I’ll never stop going out every day and trying to get better as long as my body’s in one piece.

I have to admit Jonny, it’s still looking good from where I sit!! )


Although his place has gone to a man eight years his junior, Wilkinson insists his own belief will not waver even if he never considered his own place as sacrosanct. “I’d never walk around thinking I’m going to get dropped or I’m not good enough, because I don’t believe either. I’d also never be arrogant enough to think I’d always be picked either.” Wilkinson revealed his admiration for Cipriani, calling him “a great player with a fabulous future ahead of him – I respect him.”

Cipriani admits he has big boots to fill in Wilkinson’s, but is undaunted by the task.

“It was always a dream of mine to play for England, and playing fly-half I realise it is a hard task to take over from a legend,” he said.

“I’m sure Jonny will give me as much support as I gave him when I was on the bench. l’ll talk to him about things to make sure things are sweet – everyone knows as a player and a person you can’t replace Jonny, so I will just be myself this week.”

(I have one thing to add Jonny…I don’t think the fire has gone out just yet…!)


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  1. 4 April, 2009 11:34 PM

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  2. 31 October, 2008 11:11 AM

    this is perposturous i love johnny wilkinson i think he is really fit !!!!!!!!!!! and i like the pictures you have put on here (lol). i think johnny should stay on the team because he is realy good, oh and bye the way, how old are you and what is your girlfriends name please????

    xxx your biggest fan in the worldxxx emily xxx

    Mike Says:- WTF?

  3. 12 March, 2008 8:58 PM

    Nice! So this is how you get so much traffic eh??? 🙂

    I’d rather he hadn’t shaved his chest… but that’s just personal preference. Trimming is one thing but tarmacking quite another (if I can call it that, hehehehe).

    Mike says:-It doesn’t hurt for a little spice now and then!


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