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The freely available commodity of sex

10 March, 2008

csn.jpgOne of the things that the Internet has brought to our lives, is the ability to communicate easily and effortlessly. We have email, IM, blogs, forums and chat rooms. People can chat, message and write about the important and not so important things in their lives to a world wide audience or to friends and family who are scattered to the four corners of the globe. I myself have struck up friendships with people from all over the world, where I wouldn’t normally get the chance to. I’ve never met these people, but I get a sense of who they are, their hopes, fears aspirations and dreams. We exchange messages and emails and occasionally photos. It’s electronic pen-pal-ship for the 21st century.

I love the Internet for this very reason, that and there is no answer that I haven’t been able to find to any question that has popped into my head. I love it because it is like an oracle. I put in a question and out pops the answer in a millisecond.

On the flip side, the Internet has also brought us a set of its own problems too. To some degree it has been hijacked by the pornographers and time-wasters, it seems that pop ups have a different meaning these days. There are millions of websites out there dedicated to dating and sex of all types, from the sublime to fetishistically ridiculous. Most of these websites you can avoid, if you’re careful enough and maybe use content filters. I don’t. I’m an adult and feel that I can pick and choose what sites I want to view without having some net nanny decide for me.

I can see, how access to these websites and to the thousands of dating sites may cause a person to become hooked, not only on porn, but also to get hooked on sex too. Facebook, although not a dating site as such, is very addictive, so I can imagine how bad it would be if you actually added that extra dimension of being able to meet up with people for sex. It doesn’t take a genius to see just how much of a draw that would be for some people.

Due to my continuing flu situation, I stayed at home this weekend, not wanting to infect my better half. I found myself investigating a couple of dating sites, one based in the UK another based in the US. They were both similar in what they offered, so I set up a profile on each and uploaded the same photos of myself and sat back and waited. Over the two days of the weekend, I received numerous messages from guys in my area or within a 60 mile radius of where I live. These messages were all offers of some form of sexual contact or intent. The messages from guys in the US were a little more reserved, naturally as it’s not as easy to pop on a plane for a shag. But the messages from guys in the UK were in some instances quite explicit, along with some of the messages were attached photographs, some explicit photos too.

I can see how this would become addictive, if I had that type of personality. If I weren’t in a long term relationship, I could see how easy it would be to set up meetings with these guys for “no strings” sex.  In case you’re wondering, I sent a polite thanks, but no thanks message back to each guy in return.

It struck me how easy it is to arrange sex with strangers, and also that you can do it 24hrs a day. Some of the messages I received were at various times throughout the night and early morning the latest at 04.25am. Who would want to go out and have sex at that time in the morning! Addiction to anything is ok, as long as you know you’re addicted and can handle all that it brings. Some people feel guilty about their addictions, but if no harm is being done…why would you?

The Internet really is a timewasters paradise and for some, the best way to waste time is by arranging hookups for sex. For me however, I’d rather use the Internet to answer those burning questions that keep me awake at night, such questions as, was there ever life on Mars? Is there such a thing as faster than light speed? Sometimes the Internet can’t provide the answers, but for me finding out is half the fun.

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