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Full Circle

6 March, 2008

My previous post regarding the whereabouts of William Baldwin may have been slightly prophetic. As I mentioned in that post he was last seen in the smash US drama “Dirty Sexy Money”, looking uncannily like his big brother Alec. I stated in that post that the show hasn’t been seen in the UK yet. A statement which I can now change. The show will begin to be aired on British TV later in the spring.


On further investigation, I’ve also discovered that not only does the show feature the better looking Baldwin brother, but also has a guest appearance by Marco Dapper, super hot male swimwear model who made his mark as Troy in the gay movie comedy Eating Out 2:Sloppy Seconds. You may remember that full frontal nude clip of him that YouTube quickly removed!



Marco appears in 2 episodes of “Dirty Sexy Money” as Ryan Casdale, I’m afraid I can’t say whether he’ll be showing any skin until the episodes air! Watch the show…you never know!


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  1. jaime permalink
    6 July, 2008 9:45 PM

    mandenme sexo gay

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