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What ever happened to…

27 February, 2008

…William Baldwin, I recently caught a clip of him in a TV series which isn’t being shown over here in the UK called “Dirty Sexy Money” and I was suprised at how much like his brother, Alec, he looked. At one time nearly every film produced had one of the Baldwin brothers in it. Now, they all seem to have vanished off the big screen.

Out of all of them I did prefer Billy, he had that swarthy italian look that sent my knees to jelly. Alec was too old and Steven’s face was too fat, but Billy…just right.


I remember going to see him in the 1993 film “Sliver”, which he starred in alongside Sharon Stone and got the shock of my life when he stripped completely. You saw more of him in the flesh in that film than you did of Sharon Stone, which, let’s face it, she’s more famous for due to “that scene” in Basic Instinct. But in Sliver, Billy certainly gave her a run for her money! I nipped out and bought the film on DVD at lunchtime today, just to remind myself and have just finished watching it again…I’m not disappointed!


Oh, the plot of the film? Click here. Actually, this film is a good thriller in its own right, even if you take out the nudity. Well worth the watching again.

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  1. Mony permalink
    21 June, 2008 9:57 AM

    I just googled this after watching “Backdraft” for the 20th time. I figured he would make way more movies then his brother Alec, who I’m not a fan of. Used to be, but his real personality is lacking.

    I’m with the previous poster “Billy Boy Come Back!!”

  2. Love Of Gorgeous Men!! permalink
    17 March, 2008 4:26 PM

    I completely agree with you about William Baldwin!
    He is by far the most gorgeous of the Baldwin brothers.
    At one time almost every movie he was in showcased his
    beautiful toned body! There was “Three Of Hearts”, “Backdraft”,
    the one that he did with Cindy Crawford (Title Escapes Me!),
    and “Flatliners” to name a few.
    He was just the personification of a sexy masculine man!
    That dark swarthy italian-like look, his swagger, those eyes!!
    Billy Boy Come Back!!

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