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18 February, 2008

…you never get one of these in your email.



No, before you ask I didn’t.

These cards are provided free of charge through a website in the US (where else!) they are providing people with a free, sometimes anonymous, way to tell their casual sex partners they might have picked up more than they bargained for.

Los Angeles County health officials launched in a bid to reduce the rapidly rising spread of STDs by encouraging sexually active men and women to get tested.

The site allows users to choose one of six free e-cards to send to their sexual contacts either unsigned or with a personal message that avoids awkward face-to-face disclosure.

Thankfully I’ve never been in the situation where I’ve needed to break this kind of news to someone. I’m not sure what I’d do. I don’t know whether I’d be too guilt ridden to admit it face to face or wimp out and make use of this webiste. If I received one however, that would be a different matter!….NURSE!

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  1. 19 February, 2008 10:11 PM

    How hilarious. Sometimes the world does make me dispair. Hope my lot don’t find out about this, though i’m sure there’s a Bebo equivalent going round as we speak.

    Mike Says: – “M” on Reception had an “I’m Pregnant” text from one of her friends that seems to be the in thing, it was a joke apparently!

  2. 19 February, 2008 10:31 AM

    I must resist sending one of these anonymously to each of my friends.

    Mike says:- How fiendish of you! *twirls moustache theatrically*

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